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Business Mastermind

Learn How Business Masterminding is More Powerful than Networking Free Introductory Session – 5:30pm-7:00pm This session is for business owners who have been in business for some years and need an independent ‘Board of Directors’ and/or someone needing to be kept accountable with support to move to the next level. This is a formula to: […]

Free Friday! BYO Breakfast and Learn How to Mobilise your Business

            Come along for a breakfast chat to hear Dean Mathieson of Mobilise Solutions discuss how mobile apps can be used to grow your business! Understand how apps are changing the way people buy Understand what features are available in an app Recognise if you need a customised app for […]

Free Friday! BYO Lunch and Learn Personal & Professional Branding

          Come to this fun lunch time talk and learn what it takes to bring your personal branding and image to a whole new level. You will learn what part colour plays in your image, personal brand, graphics, photography, hair, make up and your personal and corporate wardrobe. Learn tips on […]

Hybrid Manufacturing Forum

Hybrid Manufacturing can build globally competitive supply chains by combining Australian components, technologies and skills with key supply partners from overseas. A select group of Australian manufacturers who have adopted a hybrid approach will describe how they have secured entirely new local and export sales opportunities, significant skills transfers and improved production efficiencies for the local […]

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