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What’s Trending? November 2016

Each November, inboxes are bombarded with emails for Click Frenzy – the 24-hour online sale that this year attracted 301 retailers and offered consumers major deals across many industries from technology to clothing and travel. Analysis of email marketing activity during Click Frenzy can give some valuable insights to small business owners about effective sales […]

How to ensure the new unfair contract laws are working for you

We recently caught up with the ACCC’s Deputy Director Michael Schaper who explains how the newly introduced contract term laws are protecting small businesses from unfair terms. If you signed a standard contract as a business on the 12th November you might be in luck.  That’s because new unfair contract term laws kicked off from […]

Botanica founders offer fresh advice – Breakfast with an Entrepreneur

Global companies like Qantas and the major grocery chains are becoming more attracted to the nimbleness and versatility of small business, according to Co-founder of Botanica cold pressed juice company, Nadia Watson. Speaking at our recent Breakfast with an Entrepreneur event, Nadia and her partner Richard Magney believe that companies such as Coles, Woolworths and […]

Businesses should aim for ‘different’ not ‘better’

While she admits there is no magic formula, Realise Business adviser Katherine Blizard does believe that developing a business plan and a strong business model are crucial. These elements together with having a clear vision of future goals, helped make her multi-award winning café Ampersand, in Sydney’s Paddington as successful as it was. Katherine took over […]

Learning how to negotiate to get what you want

For most people the thought of negotiating fills them with dread, especially when it comes to closing that all important deal. But, negotiating pricing, proving your value and timing those discussions are all essential elements for business growth. For master negotiator Sam Trattles it is the thing she loves doing the most. Through her company, […]

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