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How conversational commerce can help you convert customers

Conversational commerce basically refers to the connection between shopping and messaging. It is a term first coined by Uber’s Chris Messina in 2015. It is achieved through platforms like Facebook and live chat applications that are “add-ons” to websites and online stores. The rise in engagement via messaging is not only enhancing the shopping experience, […]

Matt Lye heads north to assist flood affected businesses

Realise Business advisor Matt Lye headed north over the past month to help business owners who were negatively impacted by the recent floods in and around Northern NSW across towns like Murwillumbah, Chinderah and Lismore. The involvement of Realise Business was part of a $1 million business support package designed to help local businesses recover, re-open, […]

Louise Lye | Giving SMEs great advice to help them measure their success

 Business Advisor Louise Lye believes that understanding finances in a business is key to ensuring sustainability and growth and it is the numbers that provide a true indication of where the business is heading, or what’s possible. Her skill and knowledge about the sales, finance and other aspects of business operation is proving invaluable for […]

Helen De Frenza | Cleaning up the competition with a focus on excellence

Helen De Frenza’s passion for starting her business, Finest Touch Cleaning, and her subsequent business journey may resonate strongly with other entrepreneurs. Having experienced her parents’ financial struggles as new migrants to Australia, Helen was keen to secure her family’s future. In 2008, she set about building a successful commercial cleaning business that is going […]

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