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4 simple steps for business success in the financial year ahead

Even though it’s good business practice to constantly review your numbers and business plan, a new financial year often brings with it a period of reflection and a bit of a reality check about how your business is travelling. I have seen our clients grow their revenue by an average of 20% when they take […]

Great online tools to develop & monitor your business plan

More than just a personal guide, an effective business plan will help you prepare and plan for your business. A properly structured plan can also become the centrepiece of a pitch when looking to acquire a bank loan or venture capital. While Realise Business advisors can help you with the elements of your business plan […]

From sole trader to company director: what changes?

If you’re a sole trader with a growing business, there will inevitably come a time when the question arises of whether to switch your business structure to a company instead. Some of the key differentiators include: Tax issues: While as a sole trader there is a tax-free threshold of $18,200 when you are operating as […]

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