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What’s Trending | Top 5 security and backup tools for your business

Given that many of your important business documents and information will likely be stored on a computer hard drive, it’s imperative to ensure these files are secure. With computer malware, viruses, hacks and breaches becoming more common by the day, the peace of mind that a good security and backup tool brings is unrivalled. Being […]

Five simple steps you can take today to stay safe online

While the internet is one of the most helpful tools for any business owner, it also comes with its fair share of pitfalls.  But, there are simple practical steps you can take today that will vastly improve your security when transacting online. Realise Business advisor David Batson has compiled his top five tips for staying […]

Cyber safety | Secure your business against scheming hackers

Too often business owners think that malicious cyber-attacks won’t happen to them.  But, unfortunately this isn’t the case.  The team at Realise Business know businesses who have been the subject of cyber-attacks, in turn, spending weeks and in some cases months just trying to recover their money and get their business back on track.  Cyber-attacks […]

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