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Egypt Eats

Egypt Eats is the newest restaurant to join the famous Eat Street. Choosing Church street in Parramatta was a conscious decision for owners Jordan Mursi and Mazen Rashwan who want to take advantage of the growth coming to the area. We sat down with Jordan before the opening to talk about concept. Jordan, can you […]

The ‘must-do marketing’ for small business

1 Use social media – but be social! As small business owners we know that the wonderful free lunch that was social media is long gone – to be seen on Facebook these days you really need to prime the algorithm which means lots of effort on posting super engaging posts before hitting people with […]

Three Tips for creating a great atmosphere in your restaurant

1. Lighting Lighting is often very overlooked but is the most impactful on atmosphere. A great restaurant with a great fit out but terrible lighting will still lack atmosphere. The key here is awareness and constant adjustment. Generally during the day it’s best to get as much natural light as possible into your venue. If […]

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