As a Business Advisor with a focus on digital marketing, Anf Chansamooth assists businesses in creating a clear and strategic path to growth and success, both online and offline.

Despite being a relatively new addition to the Realise Business team, Anf Chansamooth is already making his mark as a Business Advisor by helping disrupted businesses to find new ways to reach clients and build their online presence, including those who are currently being impacted by Sydney’s light rail project.

Anf has been coaching businesses for the past seven years, from helping pre-startups with marketing strategies to working as a marketing manager in a co-working space. He also worked for a Facebook advertising agency and as a freelance consultant focusing on social media. As well as working as an advisor for Realise Business, Anf has also launched his own content creation agency called Simple Creative Marketing. His combination of knowledge and experience provides him with the perfect insight to help businesses determine their unique selling point and then to develop strategies and avenues to get their message in front of prospective clients and customers.

He prides himself on helping businesses figure out “who they are and why they exist”, emphasising that the thing businesses need most is a clear and focused strength that sets them apart from the competition, commenting,  “Your marketing should be the expression of that difference.”

His love of strategy helps the businesses that he works with to define their purpose, noting, “In business, you’re constantly up and down and if you’re not clear on what kind of business you’re trying to create, it’s really hard to keep going, because a business with a clear purpose will have an easier time facing challenges and problems.”

With Anf’s digital and marketing guidance, a number of businesses impacted by light rail construction have really made significant changes that are paying off through increased customer engagement and more. Examples include Seet Dance Surry Hills, who created a campaign involving Lego that was ultimately featured in an international dance magazine, Cosmo Lighting Kensington, who have developed a new website and implemented strategies to build their customer base without solely relying on foot traffic, and Whiplash Training Facility in Kensington, a non-profit that’s been working on growing their website.

Many business owners feel overwhelmed in the digital space, but Anf believes that digital is not the be all and end all as far as promoting a business, commenting, “People should view digital as just one tool that you have in your belt, there are plenty of others that work including networking, hard copy marketing and other forms of advertising.” He also believes that businesses should get some advice to work through “what makes them unique and how they are going to sell that uniqueness to potential customers and clients”.

Anf’s top tips for businesses include:

  • Be consistent and don’t expect instant results when building your business online. You need to concentrate on consistency and allowing time to experiment with marketing – don’t go for the quick win
  • Don’t try to reinvent the wheel with your business configuration or over-complicate matters when planning structures, product development, marketing, and other business operations
  • Use systems in your business and marketing automation tools that cut back on your workload
  • You can plan for each business journey and stage, and a key part is understanding the data and numbers around your business
  • It’s important to seek help from business advisors and other experts, and these experts will know how to help you as they’ll recognise the stage your business is at
  • Timing is very important in developing and deciding when to implement a particular strategy if you want to get good results

As well as a love for business, Anf is a keen traveller who believes that you should build a business that supports your lifestyle, not a business that consumes it.

Anf’s favourite business quote is “Passion might get you started but it’s purpose that keeps you going”.

If you would like to make an appointment to meet with Anf, you can access $1,000 worth of business advice for FREE through the NSW Government Business Connect program. That’s 4hrs with an experienced Business Advisor for FREE. Following this, you can access a further 30hrs of advice sessions worth a total of $7,500 per business!