What is the Business Breakthrough Experience?

The Business Breakthrough Experience is an exclusive 1:1 session with one of our expert business coaches. In this session they will work with you to unpack your struggles, help you understand why you feel stuck and provide guidance on how you can move forward with your business. 

In your personalised session, you will go through a 5-step process to:

  • Identify the magic ingredient to kick-start your business
  • Move away from overwhelm, finding clarity on priorities and direction
  • Develop solutions to your business problems
  • Re-energise your overall perspective and approach to business.

Outcomes of doing the Business Breakthrough Experience

The Business Breakthrough Experience taps directly into your own intuition and business experience to uncover the right answers for you. This is not about discussing business theory and tactics, but instead getting to the heart of what really matters in your situation to drive real change.  

Together we actually speed up and improve on the traditional planning approach, creating a tangible breakthrough in a single 2hr session. 
 You will leave the session with a clear map of what you need to be focusing on and a pathway to go about this. For some, this might be all you need to get on and implement the changes you need in your business.  

For many, this session will demonstrate how working with an experienced coach within a structured approach can provide the support, guidance and accountability you require to help see this through. 

What’s included in the Business Breakthrough Experience

The session follows our Business Breakthrough Experience – our unique five step approach for empowering business owners to look beyond the everyday detail of their business. In this process you will uncover the key theme that is either limiting or potentially enabling the success of their business.  

Once this theme is clear, we use this anchor to identify the key priorities to be addressed to breakthrough this barrier and then to choose the best pathway for you to get things done.