• Realise Business Mastermind

    Realise Business Mastermind

    A facilitated group accountability program run over 12 months, providing valuable peer-to-peer advice from those on the same business journey

Realise Business Mastermind

Your Realise Business Mastermind group is like having a board of advisors for you and your business. We’ll match you with 8-10 other local business owners based on industry, personality and potential to foster mutually beneficial relationships. Business Mastermind creates an open and supportive environment in which to gain peer-to-peer mentoring and business development opportunities.

Growing a small business is a challenging process. While friends and family can provide personal support, no one understands the difficulties involved better than other small business owners. Our Masterminds meet monthly to constructively improve their businesses, under the direction of a Business Advisor. You’ll learn practical tips and tricks, share ideas, opinions and experiences, and gain exclusive insight into your business operations from an outside perspective. These specialist groups are the perfect way to attain confidential advice while building strong referral partnerships with other business owners who are going through the same experiences.

What You’ll Get Out of the Realise Business Mastermind Program

  • Increase your business knowledge, skills and confidence
  • Foster mutual growth, trust and development
  • The opportunity to receive (and provide) honest and constructive feedback within the group
  • Increased leadership and communications skills
  • A team with which you can confidentially share and discuss your business challenges and ideas
  • A supportive group of friends and colleagues who understand your challenges
  • Collective help to achieve your goals and accelerate your business growth
  • Long-lasting business referrals and personal friendships with group members

What Mastermind Members Say

  • Chris Hamilton, Managing Director, Willowstone Communications

    The MasterMind Program is a great initiative for when you own and manage a small business. The program leader and each member of the group form a Management Team, where you can confidentially discuss key business issues and rely on the specialist knowledge, expertise and experience of others in the group to learn new things, resolve business issues and come up with some great ideas.

    The program is run in a highly professional manner, which contributes to the effectiveness of this program. I highly recommend this great initiative.


  • Michael Sinclair, Crown Commercial Cleaning. Realise Business Premium Plus Member

    “This is my second year being a part of Business Mastermind and my business growth has certainly accelerated during this time. I would equate Mastermind to having my own personal board of directors to run by my business ideas and issues for their feedback and suggestions.”

How It Works

Expert Facilitated Meetings

Each Mastermind runs for a minimum of 12 months and members meet for 3 to 4 hours per session. You discuss topics and issues relevant to your business in a confidential environment. The groups are facilitated by a Mastermind Facilitator who is a Business Advisor; who will provide advice and action plans, and hold members accountable for their progress.

Feedback & Solutions

Each member can present one main issue per meeting, which will be discussed within the group to collectively form strategies to help solve the issue based on their combined skills and experience.

Empowerment & Co-mentoring

By sharing your own experiences and asking thought-provoking questions, these lively exchanges carry great value; in the advice you receive for your business, and also the value you feel in helping others.

Networking & Referrals

Our Realise Business Mastermind provides a fantastic opportunity to network in a professional yet informal environment, and be part of a creative, dynamic, multi-skilled brains trust where everyone equal.


Each group is limited to one participant per business, and one business per industry.


Who are the Mastermind Facilitators?

Geoff Silk

Geoff Silk

Geoff’s enthusiasm for seeing people succeed is contagious. It is with the same passion that Geoff engages with all his clients at Realise Business. Geoff’s career has been spent working in a variety of business cultures with a wide range of professionals and exposure to different organisations, structures and styles of leadership. He has also run his own management consultancy and coaching business. Collectively, he has acquired extensive experience of working with businesses ranging from start-ups to some of Australia’s iconic organisations.

We will be adding new Facilitators in due course, and always ensure the right match of personalities, experience and expertise to meet the needs of each Mastermind group.

How Do I Join?

Access to Realise Business Mastermind is generally by invitation, or expression of interest, to ensure the high calibre of participants, and the appropriate mix of compatibility for each group we form. We approach businesses who are already well-established with a firm customer base, and a desire to accelerate their growth. We hold information sessions periodically to establish interest for the groups, and ensure the right mix of personalities and industries with no conflicts of interest. We are currently taking expressions of interest for upcoming Masterminds.

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