Learn How Business Masterminding is More Powerful than Networking

Free Introductory Session – 5:30pm-7:00pm

This session is for business owners who have been in business for some years and need an independent ‘Board of Directors’ and/or someone needing to be kept accountable with support to move to the next level.

This is a formula to:

  • Gain new business referrals
  • Triple business bottom line
  • Collaborate and create joint ventures
  • Be kept accountable
  • Removing road blocks that stop you
  • Grow your business from where you want to be
  • Share resources
  • Business coaching/mentoring combined
  • Learn what to do next when you and your business grow
  • Maintain confidentiality in your group
  • Get only the business results that count
  • Meet past participants who can tell you their experiences

Tuesday October 28, 2014