In the New Year, regular buses will replace trains on the T6 Carlingford Rail Line while the line is converted to Parramatta Light Rail.

On Sunday 5 January 2020, the new 535 Carlingford to Parramatta bus route will commence, running at least every 15 minutes during the busy parts of the day. The 535 buses will provide more frequent services than the existing T6 Carlingford Line trains they are replacing, which currently run twice an hour.

In 2023, the 535 bus service will make way for a frequent ‘turn up and go’ light rail service connecting communities in the Parramatta region.

During operation of the 535 bus service, businesses in Parramatta and along the T6 Carlingford rail corridor may witness a change in customer buying patterns. It is anticipated many local businesses will benefit from the higher frequency bus service, which will carry customers to and from key stops along the route.

Businesses located along the Parramatta Light Rail route can take advantage of free advisory services from Realise Business that can help them benefit from transport changes while the T6 Carlingford Line is converted to light rail. For example, 535 bus patrons will have direct access to street signage at key stops, which can be connected with offers that are promoted using a wide variety of digital channels.

Realise Business has already worked with many local small business owners – operating restaurants, shops and other services – to help them manage change. Take advantage of our NSW Government supported services to reposition your promotions, signage and other marketing strategies during construction of Parramatta Light Rail. Read more about the buy local campaign and case studies of the Parramatta-based businesses that Realise Business has been able to assist here.

Route 535 Carlingford to Parramatta

The new 535 bus route will operate between Carlingford, Telopea, Dundas, Rydalmere, Camellia/Rosehill and Parramatta CBD.

Transport for NSW Coordinator General Marg Prendergast said: “Route 535 will run at least every 15 minutes in the busy periods of the day – a boost for customers who currently have just two train services per hour during the peak on the T6 Carlingford Line.”

“Real-time data will be available on the online Trip Planner before the 535 service starts, as well as on third-party apps, so that customers can plan ahead.”

Buses will be air-conditioned, offer low-floor wheelchair and pram access, and have on-board information displays and announcements. Bicycles cannot be taken on buses.

From December, and real-time apps will reflect the timetable changes.

Planning for the future

The Parramatta Light Rail will connect Westmead to Carlingford via the Parramatta CBD and Camellia, with a two-way track spanning 12 kilometres and is expected to open in 2023. The route will link Parramatta’s CBD and train station to the Westmead Precinct, Cumberland Precinct, the Bankwest Stadium, the planned Camellia Town Centre, the new Powerhouse Museum and cultural precinct on the Parramatta River, the private and social housing redevelopment at Telopea, Rosehill Gardens Racecourse and three Western Sydney University campuses.

Local businesses will benefit from the completed Parramatta Light Rail and the new light rail stops that will make areas brighter at night, safer for pedestrians and more appealing to shop and restaurant patrons in the area.