(Since 1 June, up to 50 people can dine-in at cafes, bistros and restaurants, space permitting).

Work with Realise Business food and beverage specialist Tim Noye to prepare for getting back to business with the easing of COVID-19 restrictions.

Tim is a highly skilled award-winning chef and F&B specialist with over two decades of diverse hospitality experience. He has owned and operated a number of successful hospitality companies including cafes, FMCG, first class catering and corporate drop off food services.  Tim can assist you with general costings and budgeting, improving efficiencies, menu design and execution, creating company and team KPI’s, staff retention, driving new business, OH&S, industry expectation and general compliance. He can also help with basic marketing using digital marketing techniques.

Tim is currently working with cafes, restaurants, and hospitality businesses to unpack the current restrictions and optimise their business during this time including how to:

Maximise takeaway, sittings and clients based on your floor space while conforming to restrictions.

How to market to your local community and secure larger group bookings

How to develop a tradie/office workers menu (pickup only)

Introduce “pockets of time” that work for both customer and owner. Get smart and proactive with how you get customers and how you keep them coming back

Research apps and how and if you can use them in your business model for operational efficiencies

Stay on top of the Covid-19 government guidelines for hygiene, health and safety compliance

Reduce reliance on food delivery apps and organise your own transport

Develop menus and food offerings for current market needs (coming out of covid restrictions), while leveraging from your menu speciality (what you are known and loved for)

Be smart in the “what, why and how” of your menu. The customer has changed (albeit temporarily), therefore you must also change to ensure you attract the local customer

Build and keep a strong identity – don’t be all things to all people.

Develop well-costed, cost effective, consistent and fast-turnround menu items

Develop an operational system to make the most of your key staff members who are JobKeeper eligible.

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