Tips for creating and maintaining a successful content marketing strategy for your business

In 2015 the demand for content continues to increase due to the proliferation of online and offline marketing and promotional channels.  But, how do you develop news and information that will engage your audience?  How do you come up with content ideas that link in with what’s happening and what’s relevant to your existing clients and prospects?  How do you break through the clutter and choose a channel that’s right for you?

During this presentation Joanne Ryan from Infodec Communications will share some valuable tips to help you organise, shape and plan your content marketing strategies for the months ahead.


Speaker Bio






Joanne Ryan is the Managing Director of Infodec Communications. She has extensive experience working within the media industry in Australia.  She worked for several years in the marketing, editorial and Government relations departments at News Limited, gaining inside knowledge about public relations as well as effectively communicating with the media and wider audiences.

Infodec Communications was founded in 2009 and since that time the company has worked with clients including industry groups, large corporations, Federal Government agencies, online media organisations, individuals and small businesses.   Joanne Ryan has written a number of articles related to communications policy that have been published on OpenForum.  She has also written opinion pieces, appeared on radio and held presentations and webinars on writing and content marketing for business groups and the NSW Business Chamber.

Joanne’s formal qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts (Communications) and Master of International Studies from the University of Sydney

Friday October 30, 2015