Adopt digital tools to save you time, money, and to help grow your business.

The Digital Solutions – Australian Small Business Advisory Services program works with small business owners to help you understand the benefits of digitising your businesses and making the most of digital tools.  Specialist Digital Advisors will be available in various ways, including face-to-face and online meetings, and interactive workshops and webinars, with advice specific to your business needs.

We know that small business owners have felt overwhelmed with the need to quickly adapt, move online and learn how to navigate the digital space. Over the years, we’ ve helped thousands of business owners overcome their challenges and succeed online. 

This program runs across 3 years and the cost to participate would normally be $845, however thanks to the generosity of the Federal Government who are providing a substantial subsidy to qualifying business, you only have to pay $45 (plus gst) to participate at this time.

So to take advantage of this generous subsidy, complete the registration and payment process today and secure your place in the program.

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Meet Our Digital Solutions Advisors

Liza is a marketing specialist and has spent her career working for some of Australia’s most loved brands – 3M, George Weston Foods, Pacific Brands and Sheridan Australia, Hunter Douglas, Luxaflex and ActronAir.

With 25 years experience in Brand Strategy, Marketing and Sales, Russell has worked across just about every industry there is. His first professional promotional work began in 1995 which gave him experience in direct mail marketing, creative design and he was on the forefront of the growth of the internet working in a number of agencies before starting his own in 2005.

A certified turnaround professional who brings 25 years of public and private sector experience across tourism, advanced manufacturing, health, technology, financial services and sport. His experience includes establishing new businesses or restructuring existing businesses for long-term sustainable growth. Campbell’s relevant and accurate advice will guide you to start-up, restructure, or grow.

Sara was fortunate to have entered the world of marketing and communications at a time where consumer behaviour was being more scrutinized than ever before. Successfully navigating her way up the corporate ladder in London, Sara oversaw a range of key accounts and was constantly required to challenge her own thinking to keep pace with the rapidly changing technological advancements society was becoming increasingly exposed to.

Chris is a results-driven leader with a wealth of knowledge derived from his more than two decades in the NGO, corporate and government sectors. As a current business owner, from his prior work as a growth-minded CEO and a background working with disability organisations, Chris is deeply passionate about the NDIS, small business community and the central role they play in the fabric of our society.

Megan is a highly strategic, commercially savvy, and results-focused marketer with over 20 years of marketing management and business consultancy. With a proven track record for driving growth in businesses across B2C and B2B. Her rich knowledge covers a diverse range of industries. As a communication specialist and storyteller, Megan takes audiences on a strategic journey to bring brands to life and aligns teams.

Tim is a highly experienced and accredited business coach with over 25 years diverse experience in hospitality, entrepreneurship and business management consulting including advisory across major government infrastructure projects.
Tim is a serial entrepreneur who has grown his own enterprises to seven figures in revenue, so he understands how important it is to use the right digital software and technology to help you scale your business. He has a deep understanding of how modern technology methods can blend creative and analytical thinking to syngergise compact growth, having written his own educational, business modelling and planning software for hospitality startups.
Specific Digital Experience:
WordPress and other popular website platforms, Accounting and financial software and integration, CRM and customer data management, AWS and API-enabled technology , Online sales and commerce platforms , Software for communication and streamlining operations.

Pulkit has built a solid foundation in the field of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) over the past 15 years. Recognised by The Australian Business Journal as one of the Top 20 Australian Digital Marketers to work with in 2022, he has demonstrated consistent success in his domain. His professional journey has seen him collaborate with a wide range of brands from diverse industries, strengthening his reputation as a reliable SEO advisor. Beyond domestic boundaries, he has also worked on promoting businesses overseas, such as in Germany, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau SAR, and Japan. Pulkit’s focus has always been to produce organic results for his clients, while continually striving to boost their online presence and improve Google’s SERPs rankings. Being a business owner himself, Pulkit provides targeted advice to other entrepreneurs, guiding them through the complexities of SEO, and the development of a robust digital presence. It can be safely said, that if a product or service can be legally sold, he has most likely marketed it using SEO.

Therese is passionate about small business owners collaborating on marketing, that she wrote the book on how to do it.  SWAP! Marketing without Money flew into the Amazon #1 Best Seller in Small Business spot and has ignited a movement where brands are gaining visibility, industry credibility, and improved profitability by working together. Therese knows what it feels like to be a small business owner and has advised many over the last 15 years.