Directory listing guide

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Step 1 – go to our website and Log In under ‘My Account

Step 2 – You will be re-directed to ‘My Account Dashboard’.


Step 3 – Click on ‘Directory Listing’ to view and update your listing

GENERAL PAGE: this is what will be displayed on your listing, so how people will best find and contact you.  Key considerations:

  • Business Name: We suggest you update this to reflect your trading name if different from the business name you used to set up your account
  • Contacts: Provide the best contact name and number who people can call to do business with you. You may prefer a landline if you have a physical business location

Note: if you are a Basic or Networker member, you will have limited fields you can update.  Want to include more information?  Then upgrade to our Premium or Premium Plus membership at!

Step 4 – Click on ‘Description’

Basic Listings: you have 165 characters to summarise what your business is about and entice them to call you or visit your website for more information.  This will show up on your listing when people scroll through the directory.

Priority Listings: in addition you have a much longer form ‘Long Description’ which will be what people can read when they click into your directory listing for more info.  If you want the start of this to be the same as what you have written for the Short Description above then click on ‘Copy Short Description to Long Description’.  This will automatically go into the start of the long copy, then you can write further information from there.

Step 5 – Click on ‘Address’

Priority listings only: fill in all relevant address information for people to find you

Step 6 – Click on ‘Social Links’

Priority listings only: fill in all your social media addresses so visitors can click through to them direct from your listing

Step 7 – Click on ‘Category’

This is a mandatory field as your listings cannot show up unless this is selected.

Please tick the core category your business operates in.  If you feel you offer services in other category, you may select 1 further category.  This will mean your listing shows up in a max


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