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Building A Successful Online Store – 5 Things You Need To Consider

If you’re a retailer and want to be successful online or if you’re already in the process of starting an Ecommerce business, this is the webinar for you!

Covid-19 has motivated many businesses to shift from physical to digital retail as a matter of necessity. For many business owners, it’s difficult to know who to reach out to, what type of specialists you need, or whether you’re making the right decision for your business and your budget.

After you’ve done your own research and created your “shift to online retail” strategy, it’s time to dig deeper and look at “how to” set up your online store. To help you understand what’s available, and when to DIY or outsource, our technical expert Doron Milner, will break down the 5 most important things you need to consider in detail.

As a Google Certified Partner and Co-founder of Local Web, Doron is an expert in Google AdWords, SEO, Websites, Ecommerce and Digital Marketing. He will run through the best platforms and options available to you, the market prices you should expect to pay and the type of experts to pursue during the process.

All this will be followed by an online Q&A session with Doron.

Topics covered include:

  • What platform or Content Management System (CMS) is best to use and why.
  • DIY or pay someone – pros & cons
  • How much should you pay
  • If you build it, will they come? Building an audience
  • Should I just use Amazon instead?

This is the second of two webinars in this series, the first webinar focuses on your strategic approach for your online business, you can register for that webinar here.

Our Presenter

Doron Milner | SEO Expert

Doron Milner | SEO Expert

Doron Milner has been working in digital marketing for the past 14 years. He specialises in SEO, Google AdWords and social media. He first started working for a company called Air Arena in 2004 running Google Adwords for international brands. The founders of Air Arena were also the founders of Skype and Kazaa.

Doron left Air Arena to start his own company, Local Web, as he saw a gap in the market for SEO for small local businesses. Together with his Co-Founder, Michael Benkovitch, Local Web was founded to provide affordable and highly effective, targeted SEO and SEM services for small businesses.

Doron is a Google Certified Partner and manages over a million dollars worth of AdWords spend a year, servicing local businesses all over the world.

Business Connect is a dedicated and personalised NSW Government program that provides trusted advice to help you start or grow your small business Find out more.


June 9
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm





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