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Productivity Ninja – Practical Tools to Boost Your Productivity

Are you struggling to get everything done? Feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Work life balance is just something you hear about?

Then it’s time you became a Productivity Ninja!

In this Productivity Ninja webinar you’ll learn:
•  The 9 characteristics of the Productivity Ninja™
•  How to stop email and the internet taking up your whole day
•  How to tackle procrastination.
•  Replacing demoralising lists with a more productive personal productivity system
•  Fighting distraction and interruption.
•  Staying focused, on task, and “in the zone”.
•  Replacing constant fire-fighting and confusion with a purposeful structure and plan.
•  Managing your energy, concentration and motivation in a sustainable way.

You’ll  leave the session with some practical tools to boost your productivity, reduce your stress-levels and ultimately make things happen in your work and life.

About our Presenter

Matt Cowdroy

Matt Cowdroy

Matt is the founder of Think Productive Australia, his official title is … “Productivity Ninja”.
Having spent 20 years in the corporate world (finance, sales and marketing), he has first-hand experience in understanding the pressure being faced in today’s business environment. He launched Think Productive Australia in 2014 and has helped 1000’s of people reduce their stress through Productivity and Mindfulness. He is curious about people – understanding what motivates them, their wants and their needs.
Matt’s passions are productivity, mindfulness, his family, yoga, mountain biking, and the Green Gecko street kids Project in Cambodia. “I feel I am in the right place when I’m helping other people grow and learn new ways to approach work and life”.

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December 4, 2019
11:30 am - 12:30 pm





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