March 18, 2020

12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

ASIC statistics show that key reason small businesses fail is because of poor cash flow and only 58% of small businesses survive more than 3 years which makes cash flow forecasting a key tool for business survival. I’d cover things like …
    • The difference between an P&L and cash flow (it’s all in the timing).
    • Why highly profitable companies go bust – profit is just an accounting concept so an owner’s focus should be on the actual cash they receive.
    • Where a cash flow forecast fits in the scheme of things, when it should be prepared / who does it – your accountant or bookkeeper etc.
    • Timing and seasonality; and how cash can become negative, despite profit being positive month on month.
    • No advanced excel skills required – An example run through / screen cast for populating your own cash forecast.
    • What to do if there’s a shortfall in the future: this will include becoming more efficient with invoicing and collecting debtors, timing purchasing more carefully, seeking finance well in advance of needing it etc.

Our Presenter

Amy Chen | Realise Business Advisor

Business Advisor

With over 12 years’ experience in banking and financial services as a cash flow lender, Amy has assessed and reviewed the viability of hundreds of companies, across many industries, both domestically and abroad. Amy focuses on the key drivers of a business, using their financial reports to unravel underlying issues and potential risks to consider the best financing solutions for her many small business clients.

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