November 17, 2017

12:30 pm to 2:00 pm

Whilst small business ownership brings with it a level of euphoria and satisfaction only an entrepreneur can truly understand, behind the elation of success is often extreme workloads and pressure on an individual.

In this Expert Talk, Stress Management expert Krystyna Kidson will lift the lid on how to appropriately manage stress and provide helpful hints and actions you can take to not only manage it, but increase your productivity and overall health as a result. This exclusive talk will teach you to acknowledge stress and pressure rather than overlook it as a priority and teach you the key principles you can implement to redirect that energy towards a productive outcome.

Learning Outcomes

  • How stress affects you, your productivity, your business and the economy.
  • Evaluate your own stress levels and impact on your health, wellbeing and productivity.
  • Learn to tell the difference between being stuck in “autopilot” or in your “stress mode” and being psychologically flexible enough to shift your focus to where it will work best for you.
  • Learn and practice stress management ideas (some psychological, some physical) that are supported by current research and theory but are not typically discussed.

Our Presenter

Krystyna is a registered psychologist and coach who focuses on stress management and stress mastery. Holding a Bachelors degree in Psychology (with first class Honours which includes a Minor in Neuroscience), and Masters degree in Clinical Psychology (also with Honours), Krystyna has transitioned into coaching post her tertiary education and clinical experience and has helped her many clients overcome roadblocks in their lives and businesses.

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