June 17, 2020

12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

In an article I wrote for Entrepreneur, I quoted one survey that found that 80 percent of business owners admitted that cash flow issues affect their mental health.

This session will provide a way to put structure into managing business cash would be helpful.

The session will include: 

  • The importance of keeping business separate from personal expenditure and maintaining the disciple of not seeing your business as a pot of cash to dive into for personal expenses.
  • Keeping as much cash in your business and taking only what you need to live on to make a) the business more bankable in the future; b) building a war chest so your business has the means to survive a shock; and c) having the resources to capitalise on opportunities that would otherwise slip by because you didn’t have the cash.
  • How to organise yourself and your cash: forming separate bank accounts, develop and stick to processes to they become habits, document your processes so you can delegate in the future.

Our Presenter

Amy Chen | Realise Business Advisor

Business Advisor

With over 12 years’ experience in banking and financial services as a cash flow lender, Amy has assessed and reviewed the viability of hundreds of companies, across many industries, both domestically and abroad. Amy focuses on the key drivers of a business, using their financial reports to unravel underlying issues and potential risks to consider the best financing solutions for her many small business clients.

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