October 28, 2020

2:00 pm to 3:00 pm

For service providers working with small business owners, there are times when we need to be conscious of the client we work with, their mindset and the pressures they face in both their businesses and their day to day lives. For small business owners, work and life are often intertwined.

COVID-19 has created great uncertainty for all, but none more so than the Small Business Community. When small business owners are struggling, they often turn to consultants, who are well positioned to recognise the stressors that can impact negatively on mental health and wellbeing. It can be hard to know how to help small business clients with their mental health and wellbeing, while also looking after your own.

That’s why Beyond Blue has launched ‘Mental wellbeing: support yourself and small businesses‘, a free online training course to give business consultants the confidence and tools to support the mental health of small business owners.

Join Realise Business CEO, Jacqui Attard, as she speaks with Linda and Tim who are part of the team behind this incredible resource developed by Beyond Blue.

The session will consist of an overview of the course and why it’s of such great need and value, followed by an open panel discussion between our 3 expert speakers on all things small business and mental health.

This webinar is best suited to businesses advising small businesses such as bookkeepers, accountants, lawyers, digital agencies, business coaches.

Meet the Panel

Linda Sheahan

Linda is a Workplace Engagement Manager at Beyond Blue, collaborating with workplaces, regulators, government, NGOs, industry groups, research specialist and the mental health sector to help build more mentally healthy workplaces.  

Linda has worked over 15 years in the sector, with specialisations including role design, recovery at work, workplace rehabilitation, building thriving workplaces and stakeholder relationships. 

Tim Hoopman, Owner of Spinn Business Solutions

Tim Hoopmann has a passion for technology and small business. He works with small business owners to streamline and automate their business processes, removing the stress and daily grind of running a business. Tim has also gained valuable experience in sales, marketing, finance and operations.

Tim is a volunteer speaker for Beyond Blue, a national organisation that works to raise awareness about anxiety and depression, reduce the associated stigma and encourage people to get help.

He became a Beyond Blue speaker because as a small business owner he struggled with anxiety and depression. He learnt ways to manage this and wants to share his stories of hope. Also, being brave enough to come out, he wants to help others struggling in similar situations.

Tim’s interests include triathlons and ocean swimming. He loves to bake, getting much relaxation and joy for creating tasty treats for family and friends. He travels the world learning about other cultures, meeting wonderful people and visiting breathtaking locations.

An exciting fact is that Tim married his partner Joe of over 30 years in 2018 after the changes to the Australian marriage act. He states this relationship as one of the greatest achievements of his life.

Jacqui Attard, CEO, Realise Business

Jacqui Attard is a business expert and coach who has devoted her career to helping small businesses grow and prosper. Her passion and knowledge for small business is boundless as is her expertise across many sectors.

As CEO of Realise Business, Jacqui develops coaching programs and services to help businesses grow and increase their profitability. Jacqui also has a background in business coaching in Health Professions which inspired the successful roll-out of the OTA Virtual Learning and Business Coaching Program.

Jacqui has delivered a diverse range of programs throughout Australia and New Zealand on topics such as; Lifting your Sales Performance, Change Management, Graduate Development, Coach Manager, Leadership Development, Strategy Planning and High Performing Teams.


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