August 13, 2021

12:30 pm to 1:30 pm

Online Webinar

Running a small business can be highly stressful. Long hours, social isolation, cash flow issues and the competing demands of work and home life can leave around a third of small business owners feeling high levels of distress. For small business owners, work and life are often intertwined.

COVID-19 has created great uncertainty for all, but none more so than the Small Business Community.

Join Small Business Thought Leader Tim Hoopman, Beyond Blue’s Small Business Engagement Manager Mel Novak, and our very own CEO Jacqui Attard, in a panel discussion on all things small business and mental health related.

The session will include an overview of the common challenges small business owners are facing currently around mental health including tips and strategies to navigate this challenging time, alongside an overview of the resources and programs available at Beyond Blue.

This webinar is for any small business owners who are looking for support of not only their own mental health during this challenging time, but also to support their employees.

Tim Hoopmann – Thought Leader

Tim Hoopmann has a passion for technology and small business. He works with small business owners to streamline and automate their business processes, removing the stress and daily grind of running a business. Tim has also gained valuable experience in sales, marketing, finance and operations.

Tim is a volunteer speaker for Beyond Blue, a national organisation that works to raise awareness about anxiety and depression, reduce the associated stigma and encourage people to get help.

He became a Beyond Blue speaker because as a small business owner he struggled with anxiety and depression. He learnt ways to manage this and wants to share his stories of hope. Also, being brave enough to come out, he wants to help others struggling in similar situations.

Tim’s interests include triathlons and ocean swimming. He loves to bake, getting much relaxation and joy for creating tasty treats for family and friends. He travels the world learning about other cultures, meeting wonderful people and visiting breathtaking locations.

An exciting fact is that Tim married his partner Joe of over 30 years in 2018 after the changes to the Australian marriage act. He states this relationship as one of the greatest achievements of his life.

Mel Novak – Small Business Engagement Manager

Mel has a long history within the Financial Services Industry where she has worked for several banks and financial institutions supporting financial advisers within the small business community, helping them grow their businesses and overcome industry disruption. She has been an advocate for mental health and sat on various committees to support engagement and collaboration in this space. More recently Mel set up her own business offering services to small business owners looking to grow, tell their story and build their brand through creative marketing. Mel’s greatest strength is connecting with people and engaging.

Mel is deeply passionate about mental health and raising awareness around issues that so often are stigmatised such as suicide and depression. She understands the pressures that small business owners are exposed to,  and most of all, how important empathy and compassion are when dealing with those who are reluctant to ask for help.

Jacqui Attard – Realise Business CEO

Jacqui Attard is a business expert and coach who has devoted her career to helping small businesses grow and prosper. Her passion and knowledge for small business is boundless as is her expertise across many sectors.

As CEO of Realise Business, Jacqui develops coaching programs and services to help businesses grow and increase their profitability. Jacqui also has a background in business coaching in Health Professions which inspired the successful roll-out of the OTA Virtual Learning and Business Coaching Program.

Jacqui has delivered a diverse range of programs throughout Australia and New Zealand on topics such as; Lifting your Sales Performance, Change Management, Graduate Development, Coach Manager, Leadership Development, Strategy Planning and High Performing Teams.

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