May 25, 2017

12:00 pm to 1:30 pm

The ability to adapt your thinking, and innovate is critical for business growth.

Much research has been done on the link between adaptability and business growth. However, the “wiring” of our brains draws us powerfully towards doing things in the usual way.

In this expert talk, Organisational Innovator and Civil Engineer Steve Doran will teach you 10 principles that will change the way you think, enabling you to break through the status quo and generate game-changing ideas that grow your business. Plus, you’ll receive Steve’s 6-step framework for implementing innovation through your business.

Learn principles, tools and techniques to develop surprising new ideas for your business and apply the best ideas for outcomes beyond expectations.

Learning Outcomes

  • Know the difference between innovation and continuous improvement
  • Why innovation is now a need and not just a ‘nice to have’ for businesses
  • 10 principles for innovative, creative thinking
  • A 6-step framework for implementing innovation through your business
  • Tools and techniques for applied business innovation.

About Our Presenter

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