May 23, 2017

9:30 am to 11:00 am

In the first talk of this 2-part Expert Series, you’ll learn how and where to find more leads for your business. With Darren Wrigley’s proven strategies for lead generation, it’s easier than you might think to make sales and business development a core strength and it will help you maximise your business growth faster than you might think too!

In this engaging workshop with professional Sales Coach and Trainer Darren Wrigley, you will learn how to get more leads into your business more easily; and how to get your existing and past customers to refer warm leads to you today!

With his warm, friendly, yet refreshingly direct manner, Darren will teach you how to generate warm leads through networking, how to build business affiliates and referral partners who can do your selling for you; and how to make networking finally work for you!

If you feel like ‘no one wants to buy from you’, or you ‘don’t know where to find new customers’; and especially if you’ve ‘tried everything’; then Darren will prove you wrong. Just head down the street with him, and you’ll soon find out how easy it is to pick up a new lead and engage them in what you do. When you put into action the strategies and tactics Darren teaches, you’ll wonder how you ever struggled to find leads in the first place. You certainly won’t struggle again!

Learning Outcomes

  • How to get your current customers to bring you new leads
  • How to use networking to generate engaged leads
  • How to build Business Affiliates and Referral Partners that sell for you


Part 2 of this series will take place on the morning of 14th June at our Kirrawee office.

Sales Power 2 – Close that sale!

In this engaging workshop with professional Sales Coach and Trainer Darren Wrigley, you will learn the power of personal relationships in the selling process, know how to accurately identify the needs of your prospects, overcome objections and make a persuasive presentation to hook them in and close that sale!

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