Customer preferences don’t always stay the same and COVID 19 has changed how many people think and act when it comes to dining, food and entertainment.

Successful restaurants and cafes are developing smart strategies that help them define their customer journey. They are also exploring new and exciting ways to promote what they have to offer to take advantage of increased foot traffic and engagement opportunities, like the upcoming TfNSW Game Day Activation.

The Realise Business team has put together some ideas to assist local restaurants and cafes in taking advantage of the big crowds that are heading their way.

Activate your Game Day marketing now

COVID restrictions are easing in NSW and Game Day fans have their tickets organised.

Now is the right time to ensure your website, Facebook and Instagram pages make it easy for people to find out what you have to offer in the lead up to the game. Make the most of food and beverage apps so customers can order ahead and make bookings. 

Spark interest early, for example, with special offers on social media and offer great customer service by providing advice on where people can find the latest information about public transport and parking arrangements.

Drive foot traffic on Game Day

The first touchpoint for some customers could be closer to Game Day or on the day, so be prepared to maximise the physical presence and messaging at your location.

Windows – Include printed menus on your windows so people know what you have to offer. Decorate your window with graphics that appeal to the sports fans who will be attending Game Day. Be more agile with messaging using digital signage on a flat screen TV towards the window for game day special promos.

Menu and Food preparation – Get your kitchen and staff geared up for the extra crowds and offer food that is easy to eat on the go.

Keep the crowd keen – If your restaurant or cafe has the space, other attractions that could be tailored to attract Game Day fans before and after the game include:

  • Instagram-worthy photo spots (eg footy player life size cut-out)
  • Post-game wrap-up events featuring game snack-plus-drinks specials
  • Host a contest – sweepstakes, prizes for player lookalikes etc.
  • Team up with other local business for a post-match ‘café crawl’, promoted on digital media.

Putting these plans into action is all about creating a great customer experience.

Understanding your customers, the touchpoints they have with your café or restaurant, re-designing or re-imagining your space, using digital technology, testing, learning and training your team to work alongside the digital innovations you bring into your business will help you grow.

Many restaurants, cafes and food companies have adjusted their products and services to their customers’ real “COVID-normal” experience. Agile food and beverage operators have responded with increased promotion on social media, website updates that encourage online ordering and home deliveries, home meal kits or new take-away windows at their premises.

Contact Realise Business today and meet with an experienced Advisor who can help you get ready for Game Day Activations that will be held right throughout the sporting season.