After a successful involvement as a business advisor with Realise Business for over 13 years, Geoff Silk has decided on a slight change of pace.

There is an untold number of Australian small business owner’s who have enjoyed being the beneficiaries of meeting Geoff Silk at one of his seminars, advisory sessions or business networking events. Often labelled as a personal, welcoming and tailored advisory solution to small business obstacles, Geoff’s diligent approach to his clients position combined with his sharp business acumen has seen him reach his position as one of the most highly respected Small Business Advisors in the industry.

In 2005, Geoff became acquainted with Realise Business, then known as the BEC St George and Sutherland Shire, by attending networking events while he was running his own management consultancy business. After several years he was invited to join the BEC’s Board of Directors where he served for a period of 3 years.

Geoff came on board as a full-time business advisor in 2012 as part of NSW Government’s Small Biz Connect program. He is renowned at Realise Business as a natural leader with the skills and passion to help people succeed and businesses flourish.   His outstanding work has not gone unnoticed, being recognised in 2016 as Best Metropolitan Advisor in the country by Business Enterprises Centres, Australia.

Always leading from the front, he honed his management skills as an officer in the British Army, experiencing how to meet the expectations of those who followed him.

Across his wide-reaching career, he estimates that he has engaged with upwards of 400 businesses annually, averaging 1000 hours of face time.

When reflecting on his career with Realise Business, Geoff believes that being a business advisor has provided enormous rewards and satisfaction because he enjoys seeing people around him being successful and their businesses thriving as a result of their efforts, commenting, “For me, this has been a major source of pleasure.”

Working as part of the “dedicated and inspiring team” at Realise Business has also been a highlight for Geoff and one of the key reasons he has stayed with the organisation for so many years, believing that it’s important to know that the people around you are similarly motivated to achieve the very best for clients.

His advice to business owners is to have a strong business plan as well as a solid financial and marketing plan, stressing the need to keep each updated and current. He also warned against complacency, emphasising constant innovation and evolution.

Beginning his career almost 50 years ago straight out of high school, Geoff plans to relax with a well-earned break, reflecting; “I’ve rarely had a holiday lasting more than three weeks. I feel it is time to reward myself with a decent break and that is what I am going to do.”

He added that he is still open to future projects, commenting, “Some opportunities to do some casual work or conduct short term consultancy projects will arise and I’ll be available for those.  I’ll also leave time to tackle the many hobbies and interests that have had to be parked for too long in what has been an eventful military and business career.”

The good news for Realise Business is that Geoff will still continue to run the popular Mastermind programs and will be available for other consulting activities in the Sutherland Shire.

Business advisor Chris Cassar will now step into the role.  Chris has business management experience in both corporate and small business. He also has a strong focus on business planning and implementation, having led the marketing for a number of organisations including Avis Australia, Lombard Insurance, NZI Insurance and Intelematics Australia.   You can book an advisory session with Chris here.

So, after a long career as a business advisor we have asked Geoff about his 5 key business insights:

  1. Plan and keep planning;
  2. Watch the finances like a hawk;
  3. Get a business coach;
  4. Work hard but smart; and
  5. Know your product and/or service and adapt as necessary to stay in front of your competitors.


New Host for Shire Pub Biz | Stevie V Brown

Realise Business is also pleased to announce that we have a new host for Shire Pub Biz, Business Advisor and Marketing Manager,  Stevie V Brown.

Come along and network with other businesses and the Realise Business Team at Shire Pub Biz Friday 7th July at our stunning new venue, new venue Doltone House Sylvania Waters and reserve your spot today .