By exploring business collaborations, Pharmacy 4 Less Parramatta and Optimum Med Health Clinic have found a cohesive way to meet the needs of Parramatta residents. Launched with a fresh marketing campaign, their pharmacy shop and bulk billing medical centre alliance promotes a new level of patient convenience.

Pharmacy 4 Less Parramatta has been a fixture in Church Street since 2017, combining professional advice and services with pharmaceuticals at lower prices. Optimum Med Health Clinic, a five-year old medical practice, was keen to move to a new location on Church Street Parramatta. The clinic boasts a combined total of 90 years medical experience with their three doctors namely Dr Roger Fabian (Principal), Dr Lidia Magaly Barrera and Dr Judith Gonczi. The medical centre will service your general health, women’s health, children’s health, obesity treatment, lumps and bumps, vaccines, skin care,  pathology (blood collections), onsite podiatrist and other allied health providers.” 

Pharmacy 4 Less Parramatta owner Jalal Chami and Optimum Med Health Clinic owner Dr Roger Fabian were ready to explore synergies as their combined services could be extremely convenient in terms of the customer experience.

Sizing up complementary businesses with the help of Realise Business

Since 2020, Realise Business advisor Sue Walsh had been supporting Pharmacy 4 Less Parramatta on marketing campaigns that promoted their products and services as well as providing Point of Sale (POS) for added in-store exposure. Following the pandemic, local residents have relied more than ever on the quality services and affordable products offered by Pharmacy 4 Less Parramatta.

Open to improving the customer experience and capturing more business, collaboration with a medical practice offered clear advantages, and the relocation of the Optimum Med Health Clinic presented a fantastic opportunity.

It also fitted well with Dr Roger Fabian’s vision for Optimum Med Health Clinic: “We want to make a difference in the way healthcare is delivered to our patients by our Doctors and Allied Health Specialists. We strive to achieve a collaborative approach in healthcare.”

Working with Pharmacy 4 Less Parramatta, Realise Business advisor Sue Walsh also saw that the proximity of the newest Optimum Med Health Clinic offered great potential for business support, promotion and growth.

On learning about the medical centre, Sue organised a joint meeting with both owners to discuss marketing support, digital strategies and launch ideas.

Working in tandem

It was identified in discussions that both businesses complement each other well and were equipped to provide a badly needed medical and pharmaceutical service with a focus on outstanding customer experience at the convenient location in the heart of Church Street, Parramatta.

Jalal Chami comments, “We believe that our customers are looking for a great customer experience, high level of convenience, prompt service, personal attention and a wide range of products at competitive prices. We strive to continually deliver outstanding customer experience.”

Optimum Med Health Clinic are completing their relocation from Macquarie Street to the premises directly behind Pharmacy 4 Less Parramatta at 240 Church Street in June 2021. The owners agreed on a new arrangement, whereby the adjoining businesses are still separate entities but they commit to referring each other and participating in combined marketing initiatives.

The team worked with Sue on a timely marketing campaign. With flu season imminent, it was logical to feature the convenient combination of pharmacy and medical centre in promotions.

Launching the alliance

The goal of the special launch campaign was to raise public awareness that both businesses are open for business, centrally located and offer a cohesive medical and pharmaceutical service.

It was vital for Pharmacy 4 Less Parramatta to promote Optimum Med Health Clinic, the newcomer to Church Street, ahead of the full relocation.

The marketing team produced posters and flyers for customers announcing details of the new bulk billing medical centre adjacent to the pharmacy.

Sue worked with Optimum Med Health Clinic and their digital partners to ensure they established a good digital presence by the time of the launch, including:

  • Creating two booking pages (for the two locations)
  • Adding their information on all search engine platforms
  • Creating two Google My Business locations
  • Promoting the opening with teaser messages on the website and social media.

A procedure for liaising with the web developer on website updates was also part of the ongoing strategy.

Sue arranged for POS material promoting flu vaccinations to be displayed in Pharmacy 4 Less Parramatta, as the alliance with Optimum Med Health Clinic will make life much easier for locals during flu season.

Vasu Naidu (Practice Manager) said that Realise Business had been there for Optimum Med Health Clinic, “to support us with promoting the business within Pharmacy 4 Less Parramatta and provide expertise on digital marketing, liaising between ourselves and our digital partners to maximise the digital presence for our launch.”

Results of marketing the alliance

Since the launch, Pharmacy 4 Less Parramatta has informed loyal customers of the medical practice conveniently located at the rear of the pharmacy and the Optimum Med Health Clinic has successfully referred their clients to buy prescription medications and other pharmaceuticals from the pharmacy. This has been a great joint business result for both the pharmacy and the medical practice.

The complementary businesses will continue to support each other.

Having Realise Business on board

With the impacts of PLR work and the pandemic affecting normal customer patterns, it is important for Parramatta businesses to support each other, and to receive free business support.

Vasu Naidu from Optimum Med Health Clinic comments, “I have found Sue Walsh from Realise Business attentive and value adding. She followed through with what we discussed and delivered on her promises. She provided valuable support by providing ideas and solutions to the problems we were experiencing, as well as connecting us with support available through Transport for NSW.”

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