Businesses thrive when people collaborate and work together as a team to achieve great results. To manage your team and motivate each member, so that everyone is focused and committed to achieving great things, you need a few key ingredients.

Realise Business advisors have worked with a wide variety of Parramatta business owners, assisting them to get the best out of their team and developing new operational processes to improve profitability.

Based on their experience and insights, these are some recommendations on effective team development and management:

Identify what each member brings to the team

No two people are the same, so it makes sense to identify and nurture the individual strengths that each member of your team brings to the table. For example, you may have identified that one team member is particularly good at communicating with customers. There may be others who are very self-motivated, achieving results without the need to be constantly supervised. Make the most of these individual strengths by putting in place strategies to develop them further.

Help team members build their individual strengths

You may find that some team members are not aware of their strengths. It’s a good idea to let them know through formal feedback and encouragement. Once you have identified the individual strengths of your team members, start to determine how they can work together across different areas of your business to achieve the best results.

Set aside time to speak with individual team members, encourage them and build their confidence to further develop their strengths.

How to get the best from your team

As a business owner, the way you operate and engage with your team will impact the results you achieve, both from your business and the people who you employ. While business ownership is not always easy, it is up to you to set the tone within your business.

Staying positive and motivated will have a flow-on impact to the rest of your team, so don’t neglect yourself. Looking after your own physical and mental health is essential for maintaining that positive outlook.

Ideas to motivate your team include team-building days, providing opportunities for people to develop their skill and experience through courses and formal training, or planning days where you set team goals and targets. These ideas work well if you can conduct team-building days away from your usual workplace.

How business reviews can improve the productivity of your staff

There are ways to improve how your business operates that will in turn assist your team in carrying out their various roles within your business. For example, Realise Business Advisors can work with you to review your systems and to streamline processes – or introduce more effective ones. As well as saving costs within your business, better ways of working can increase staff harmony and retention rates.

A thorough review can recommend new processes that will free up the time of key team members, allowing them to focus on new activities that can build your business success.

Remember, people will look to you to set the tone within your business. Showing them that you are innovating within your business will create interest and buy-in.

How to get the right people doing what they love

Interviewing and hiring great staff is integral to developing a team that achieves great results. When interviewing new people, identify strengths that will integrate well with the rest of your team members. Once people are hired, make them feel like they are an integral part of your team by holding regular meetings and providing clear and consistent messaging about the vision and goals of your business. It is realistic to expect that different issues will crop up on the way, but by putting in place clear policies, guidelines and strategies your team will be equipped with the power to take your business to the next level.

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