People love to learn about something new, and developing the right marketing strategy is key to taking advantage of that interest, attracting the right attention, building trust and promoting action.

Whether you are opening a new business or are a newcomer moving into the Parramatta area, or are forging a business alliance, a member of the Realise Business team can help you with the critical steps to create the right type of buzz.

Here are a few examples:

1. Have a targeted plan

Take the time to develop a smart marketing plan that targets your potential customer base. Before deciding on the actions you will take to promote your business, analyse your target market, including how your customers like to receive their information. Suppose you are targeting older age groups – then plan to let potential customers know about your business with flyers and posters, for example, as well as developing an online campaign. 

2. Set up the basics for your digital presence

There are several easy steps you can take to set up your digital presence, including:

  • Develop a Facebook business page with your branding, location and key information about your business. You can do this as soon as you know your opening date.

  • If you have a website, make sure it contains clear information that will make it easy for potential customers to know what you do and how they can engage with you. If you have moved from another site, work with a web developer to update information on your revamped website.

  • Either claim, set up or update your Google My Business page. Setting up a business profile on Google will help you manage how your business appears. The page will display a map to help people find your business. You can also cover essential customer information including opening hours, phone number and contact details, images of your business – and more.

3. Leaflet marketing

Distributing leaflets or flyers is an excellent way to reach new customers. This type of marketing is beneficial when it is focused on a local area. You can choose to deliver leaflets via local letterbox drops.

You can also approach other businesses with a strong local footprint, especially those with complementary services, and ask if they can place the leaflets in an easily accessed spot. Distributing leaflets at local events is also an excellent tool for reaching many people quickly.

4. Let local media know

While the opening of your new site may not be newsworthy on its own, you may have a personal story behind the opening of your business that will appeal to local readers. Develop a short media release or email the editor of your local newspaper or news website to see whether they are interested in writing a story.

If you have the budget, taking out an advertisement may also be the way to ensure your business gets the attention you want.

5. Offer opening specials or get involved with local Parramatta Light Rail promotions

Developing an opening special that you can share across all marketing channels is a great way to engage customer interest. Offering the special for a limited time will also help to promote action.

Transport for NSW has regular activations that you may be able to tap into. These activations are advertised via this newsletter and on the Parramatta Light Rail website.

Book a meeting with your Realise Business Advisor today if you are planning the opening of a new business, starting a new business alliance, or you just want to refresh your marketing to attract more customers.