Looking For A Cure For Isolation Is A Big Business For Those In Business

The excitement of starting your own business and realising your dream is energising, motivating and certainly all-consuming. When starting up, you’ll flourish on sheer adrenaline, and the thrill of continued growth will drive you to reach goal after goal in the early stages. But sadly, with every upside, there’s often a downside and the one […]

The Unregulated Small Business Advisor – What to Expect

In twenty years as a business coach, I’ve witnessed the coaching industry evolve and blossom with new technology and a changing marketplace. The rise in digital platforms has allowed for rapid growth in business, particularly in the ecommerce space, with the internet bringing the entire world to our fingertips. It’s this growth in technology that […]

If You Only Do One Thing Differently In 2020

The Christmas break is over and most of us are in the process of returning to work, if we haven’t already. I’m hoping most people had the chance to take a break, as I know it can sometimes be hard in small business. Over the break I spent some time contemplating the new year for […]

The Blessings of Busy-ness

With Christmas day almost upon us, it’s worth taking a moment to reflect, count our blessings, and think about the reason we do the work we do. In coaching small business owners, my team and I typically work with the person who’s the heart, soul and centre of their business. The person who’s the reason a […]


Husband & wife founders, Olivia & James Phoon, had been operating their business, Hidden Spark, for 14 years and realised they needed to make some changes to keep their business strong. Their key requirement was to make a shift from a predominantly services-based offering to one that centred around their flagship product, ClubSuite – a […]

Iaqua Watersports – Sean Prosser

A professional Sea Captain with a love for being out on the water in work and in play, Sean Prosser decided to start a small business in his field as a part-time venture – a side hustle. With an idea in hand, Sean approached Advisor Darren Wrigley through the Business Connect Program, to seek advice […]

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