On the side of NSW’s “heartbeat and backbone”

NSW Small Business Commissioner, Robyn Hobbs outlines the main role and initiatives of her office and shares her top tips for small business success. Since taking on the role of NSW Small Business Commissioner in early 2014, Robyn Hobbs has introduced many interesting initiatives and programs for small business –what she terms the “heartbeat and […]

What’s Trending? (October 2016)

Business Books     Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss and Tahl Raz Having spent decades as an FBI negotiator, Chris Voss know better than anyone how to negotiate ‘as if your life depended on it’.  Voss wants to convince readers that negotiation is a critical part of everyday interactions — with your spouse, […]

New marketing expert has your target audience in sights

If you want to know how to improve your marketing strategy then BEC’s newest Business Advisor, Stevie V Brown is going to give you a straight answer: know your audience! Since joining the team in September, Stevie has hit the ground running in her joint role as BEC’s Marketing Manager, and Marketing Business Advisor and […]

Business Owners – What you need to Know – FWA NES ATO

The Modern Awards have increased the minimum wage for many different types of workers and most employers are unaware they may be paying below the required amount. The risks of not complying with the Fair Work Act are far too high and therefore business owners must keep on top of the legal requirements that it […]

Expert Talk – Digital Blueprint: SEO & Website Conversions Unmasked

Digital Blueprint: SEO & Website Conversions Unmasked Higher website listings organically can mean less ad spend and more enquiries, sales and revenue. In this powerful 90-minute talk, we’ll uncover the so-called secrets of search engine optimisation, reveal where SEO fits in the bigger picture of your digital marketing blueprint, and how you can best use […]

Grow Your Business For Just $10 per day Using Facebook Advertising

Grow Your Business using tested Facebook Advertising Techniques Thanks to the targeted nature of Facebook advertising, your online campaign can reach your target market for a relatively affordable price.  This means you can grow your flow of leads, prospects and customers via savvy Facebook advertising –  for a little as $10 a day.  For a business […]

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