Tips to boost customer engagement and loyalty in times of change

In 2020, the transformation of Parramatta continues with Church Street between Market and Macquarie Streets closed permanently to traffic, including the ‘Eat Street’ dining strip. The closure will allow Parramatta Light Rail work to begin. There are several proactive steps that business owners can take to ensure their customers are aware of access and parking […]

Active Movement Studio’s Open Day Fundraiser

Active Movement Studio is a Parramatta based business who have been making the most of the free business support. Advisor, Sara Berry, has been working with owners Mathew and Kyle on raising their brand awareness for almost a year, and over the last couple of months they have been developing a marketing calendar. As a […]

Revamped branding strategy reaps rewards for Saimai by Thai IM

Seizing the opportunity to obtain expert branding tips and adding his own unique spin, business owner Arafat Farugue has refreshed the identity, décor and marketing strategy of his restaurant Saimai by Thai I M – and is reaping the rewards. Arafat Farugue consulted Realise Business Advisor Viktoria Darabi knowing he had to meet the challenge […]

The Unregulated Small Business Advisor – What to Expect

In twenty years as a business coach, I’ve witnessed the coaching industry evolve and blossom with new technology and a changing marketplace. The rise in digital platforms has allowed for rapid growth in business, particularly in the ecommerce space, with the internet bringing the entire world to our fingertips. It’s this growth in technology that […]

If You Only Do One Thing Differently In 2020

The Christmas break is over and most of us are in the process of returning to work, if we haven’t already. I’m hoping most people had the chance to take a break, as I know it can sometimes be hard in small business. Over the break I spent some time contemplating the new year for […]

The Blessings of Busy-ness

With Christmas day almost upon us, it’s worth taking a moment to reflect, count our blessings, and think about the reason we do the work we do. In coaching small business owners, my team and I typically work with the person who’s the heart, soul and centre of their business. The person who’s the reason a […]

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