ALJ Consulting Engineers are among the many professional service companies working with an advisor from the Realise Business team to develop new targeted marketing strategies, using social media like LinkedIn to increase brand awareness.

While Director Ayman EITantawy’s experience in the structural engineering industry spans 17 years, he wanted to strengthen ALJ Consulting Engineers’ sales and marketing strategy, so he contacted Realise Business and consulted advisor Sara Berry.

ALJ is a specialist structural engineering consultancy that provides niche engineering services including design work, value engineering and assessment for residential, commercial, industrial, education, health and infrastructure projects.

ALJ’s creative engineering approach helps their clients to significantly reduce costs and time, and advocates for environmentally sustainable solutions.

Ayman said “I feel so fortunate to be a part of the growth of the Parramatta area and I am looking forward to our engineering consulting business being a part of this period of development. As a business, we recognised that in order to grow and be involved, we would need to increase our brand awareness, especially in Parramatta,” says Ayman.

To kick off the process Sara from Realise Business undertook an in-depth analysis of the consultancy’s projects, business model and growth plans. Ayman says, “It was great that she went really deep to understand some pretty complex projects and unpack them to find the gold!”

In their face-to-face sessions, Sara helped Ayman formulate a sales and marketing plan and, most importantly, provided continuing guidance as he put the plan into action. “Sara stepped us through the whole process from identifying the unique value we bring in terms of our capabilities to identifying potential clients, their specific needs from an engineering company and writing a covering letter and a way of getting our letter and statement read,” he explains.

For a minimal investment in time and resources, the results of the new targeted marketing approach have been very worthwhile. Ayman has achieved a new level of professional confidence with a comprehensive sales pack, tailored capability statements for each engineering discipline and targeted client marketing that includes case studies and messaging. “Sara really went the extra mile to help me really break down my message so that I could present my projects in the most relevant light to the client.”

Online marketing strategies boost prospecting by building awareness and highlighting how the business can help potential clients. As today’s clients are most likely to acquire their information about a business on their own via online content, before making contact with the business, the strategy devised with Realise Business focused on  using social media and improving online content to build relationships and opportunities for prospecting for new business.

Sara worked with ALJ on how to prospect with LinkedIn – breaking capability statements into micro content for his LinkedIn company page.  For any professional business, such as engineering or accounting, the market is highly competitive, so exploring the diverse benefits of LinkedIn and implementing them in your prospecting or sales strategy is a savvy way to gain a competitive edge.

The input of an advisor helped ALJ create content that is relevant to prospective clients in the different engineering sectors and answers their questions and pain points. “The right content will guide the prospective client to work with you,” says Sara.

Sara has taught Ayman how to think from the client’s perspective and create content that is useful for building and nurturing relationships. “We are now working with Sara to create some additional content in order to follow up our prospects,” he says.

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