Craig Bulmer | Mastermind Facilitator

Craig is a people and performance specialist who is passionate about empowering people to fulfill their potential. He is a strong believer that as an executive your ability to inspire, motivate and lead has a direct result on the level of your employee’s engagement and therefore their productivity within your team. The way you communicate with each other and your team is a crucial element in any successful business.

Craig’s specialises in:

  • Facilitating workshops and designing learning experiences
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Keynote speaking and running conferences
  • Group facilitation

Examples of Craig’s projects

  • Improving the effectiveness of team communication
  • Building confidence in giving employee feedback
  • Implementing a process that allows you to Coach for Performance issues
  • Developing presentation skills of all those who present internally or externally
  • Rethinking the customer experience


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