New song sheet for tuition business

For more than fifteen years Kathleen Connell has helped her pupils bring out their best singing voice from her Hurlstone Park and Sydney studios. While she had worked with Business Connect on the overall strategic direction of her singing tuition business, it was the steps she took following advice from Realise Business advisor Chris Cassar that empowered Kathleen to respond so positively to the pandemic conditions, forever altering how Kathleen Connell Singing Tuition attracts and teaches pupils.

Although pandemic restrictions prevented professional singing tuition from being conducted face-to-face, Chris discussed with Kathleen how, despite assumptions, face-to-face tuition was not her only option. Kathleen was willing to give online tuition a go.

Recognising that online teaching would require a complete technology upgrade, Chris helped Kathleen answer key criteria questions for a City of Sydney Quick Response grant. The approved $5,000 grant in turn assisted Kathleen Connell Singing Tuition with a major technology upgrade.

Following the pandemic lockdown Kathleen was also busy looking after existing customers who had already purchased a series of face-to-face lessons. Several keen clients accepted her offer of a one-to-one online service. This allowed the experienced teacher to practice new working methods.

Kathleen still wanted to engage her customers who had not responded as positively to an online transfer, so at Chris’s suggestion they were offered free online trial sessions. Encouragingly, this perseverance resulted in additional customers choosing online tuition.

Another income stream emerged from the foray into online tuition. People confined to home sought to participate in more activities using online options. The general increase in online uptake led to new prospects for Kathleen’s business.

This showed that one-to-one online tuition could form a permanent part of Kathleen’s service offerings of singing techniques and vocal training.

With a newly updated website and an increase in customers Kathleen recently commented, “Today was an exciting one. Three online students in the morning and then into Hub Bravissimo (Sydney CBD) in the city this afternoon for only two singers, but it felt good! Tomorrow, six online singers…”

About Kathleen Connell Singing Tuition

Kathleen Connell has been a professional singer for more than 20 years and founded her successful business Kathleen Connell Singing Tuition around her professional performing experience and postgraduate level studies of the musical arts.

Established in 1998, the singing tuition practice operates from two locations and offers online delivery. The studio’s wealth of resources and Kathleen’s highly regarded performance expertise and teaching skills provide students with a rich experience.

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