Multi-practice dental clinic Royal Dental Care (RDC) has forged a sound business over the years, with five successful practices, including a newly launched flagship practice in Parramatta.

Like other Parramatta businesses, they faced some challenges due to changed traffic conditions, a drop in foot traffic and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Realise Business Advisor Sue Walsh has been working with Royal Dental Care to help them develop a new business strategy that is assisting them to pivot their business, steering it in new directions and building resilience for the uncertain times ahead.

The RDC team have been “truly grateful” for the contribution Realise Business has made to their business to date.

Marketing game plan

Royal Dental Care could rely on strong foundations during a crisis – especially with its recent investment in the team, technology, equipment and customer experience. However, for the dental care business to survive the pandemic-related downturn and also progress it was critical that the management team consider new strategies and marketing initiatives to turn their business around.

Their main goal initially is brand awareness of their highly reputable business and promoting exceptional customer experience, therefore converting patients to the practice long term.

Advisor Sue Walsh from Realise Business worked successfully with Royal Dental Care to develop a marketing game plan that kept to the natural strengths of the business – competitive pricing and superb customer service.

The campaign also embraced new content that would appeal to all age groups, and highlighted the fact that their diverse team could speak a total of ten languages including Bengali, Dari, English, Farsi, Hindi, Korean, Portuguese, Punjabi, Turkish and Urdu.

Competitive tactics

Key tactics of the rebranding and content strategy developed in partnership with Realise Business included:

  • Devising a new brand statement that gave clarity to their branding and purpose
  • Paying attention to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in content to boost the success of being found through Google searches
  • Developing an online booking engine to provide convenience and enhance the customer experience
  • Building a database for EDMs so they can analyse their customers preferences, and provide better customer service and targeted marketing campaigns
  • Creating social media content to target sectors of the customer base – for example, social media posts reflect the fun, convivial approach to work that Royal Dental Care has – with a ‘name the dinosaur-chair for kids’ competition a recent highlight
  • Making the most of PR opportunities as local media is always interested in business success stories
  • Participating in the TFNSW Advent Calendar initiative to raise the profile of the Parramatta flagship practice in the lead up to Christmas.

The RDC team endorse the marketing advice, “Sue has given us some valuable insights on how to improve our website, online booking system including local presence through local area marketing. She consistently follows things up.”

Scoring goals

Working with Sue from Realise Business, Royal Dental Care has begun achieving new goals:

  • Brand and service awareness has increased
  • Promotions in the local area yielded an increase in foot traffic and local custom
  • The online booking portal has led to improved booking and retention rates
  • Encouraging word-of-mouth (WOM) recommendations has led to an increase in enquiries
  • Growing Google reviews with 75 five-star reviews now appearing on their Google Business listing.

According to the RDC team, “Sue has already made a huge difference to our business and we look forward to working together in the future.”


Recognition of the need for changes was really the critical move. From that point Royal Dental Care has found plenty of innovative ways to stay competitive and take control of the future in uncertain times.

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