How long does my membership last?
All memberships are valid for 12 months. This is the same if you pay a one-off annual fee, or pay by the month
I am a Basic member at present, how do I upgrade to a paid membership?
To upgrade your Basic membership simply login using your existing account details. From your account dashboard, click the Upgrade Membership button and follow the steps to activate your paid membership.
Is there a membership option for larger businesses?
Our Premium Plus membership is perfect for organisations with more than 1 person, as it offers unlimited access to our Pub Biz events, and discounts to Networking events and Workshops for you and your team. It also offers free tickets to some of these events to get you started.
Will I receive a renewal reminder? When do I pay?
Your membership will be set up to automatically to renew 12 months after you activated it. We will send a reminder email to you 4 weeks prior this date. If you would like to change your membership level or cancel your membership you will be able to make these changes at this time. If you do not advise us of any changes then your credit card payment will be processed on your anniversary date.
Can I suspend/cancel my membership anytime? What’s the process?
Membership for Realise Business is based on a 12-month contract. Changes to your contract will be addressed by the Membership Team on a case-by-case basis.
Can I mention that I am a member of Realise Business on my marketing material?
Absolutely! We can provide you with a range of logo sizes, please let us know what you require
How do I book an event or workshop?
Visit our event calendar, choose your event by clicking on the link and book your tickets.
Do I need to become a member to attend any of your events?
This varies depending on the event. Our Pub Biz events are open to all financial members and Basic (free) members receive 2 free tickets. After the 2 free tickets have been used, Basic members need to join as a Premium or Premium Plus financial member to continue to take part in Pub Biz.
For other general enquiries please call 02 9545 5900.