A team is critical to the success of your business.  Without a team not much can be achieved! In the early days of starting your business it makes sense to try and do as much as possible yourself.  It’s the most cost effective and comfortable solution in the beginning.

However eventually in order to continue to grow the business you need to ‘work on your business not just in your business’.  To help achieve this you need a team to develop and execute your vision.

By the way, a team does not need to be the size of the local football side.  A team is any number of people and includes anyone that works with you to achieve a common goal.  So, for example, it could be your supplier or a contractor to your business.  Each and every one of these people makes up your team.

 This is the story of my journey and the some of the learning’s I have gained in almost 40 years of owning my own business.  When I break down the key success factors the most critical has been my team.


The outcomes from this presentation will enable you to:

  • Build a championship team
  • Motivate your team
  • Increase profitability in your business


The topics you will cover include:

  •  My personal journey starting with ‘Boot Camp’
  • What is a team
  • Why is a team important
  • The three keys to building a winning team


Speaker Bio

Terry Dewing
Sullivan Dewing Chartered Accountants & Business Builders

Terry Dewing is passionate about helping clients build more profitable businesses, advising them in creating wealth outside their business and ensuring that clients don’t pay any more tax than they legally have to.  Terry specialises in providing taxation advice to his many diverse clients, in particular the application of Capital Gains Tax Law.  He is also an expert on how clients can use existing funds to establish a SMSF to buy property, as a strategy for building personal wealth to use in retirement.  Terry is a CA SMSF specialist as well as a Chartered Tax Advisor & SMSF registered auditor.

Terry is a Director and Treasurer of the Business Enterprise Centre Southern Sydney, a not for profit organisation established to assist small to medium businesses.  Terry enjoys a surf and paddling around the beautiful bays of Cronulla.

Friday May 30, 2014

47 President Avenue