Are you always on the lookout for things that will make your business better, bolder, and brighter?

During certain times of the year, you’re likely to see updates about local and national business awards, and you may be wondering about the benefits and just what it takes to be standing on the winners’ podium.

If you’re unsure of exactly why you should enter to win an award then take note because there are many benefits of entering business awards, and we’ve named five of them below:

Gain consumer confidence

You’ll often see badges and icons on business websites, in email signatures, and advertisements touting them as finalists and winners of business awards, and this is something that will really increase consumer confidence. Would you prefer to get serviced by a business with multiple awards or one without?

Promote your local area

Winning a business award can do wonders for promoting the area your business is in, and the more inviting and appealing an area looks, the more foot traffic (and thus customers) it will get. There’s no downside to your business being situated in a great neighbourhood!


Potential employees are always looking to work with reputable and recognisable businesses, and many employees dream of having their hard work recognised as the best in their industry. It’s clear that business awards are great for recruitment and retention.


Being a business award finalist or winner is a great way to get some free press for yourself and your business. Most awards make it into the local (or even national) papers, and your business will be able to get in front of a large audience at virtually no cost to itself.

Industry leadership

Business owners and employees strive to be leaders in their industry, and being a winner is a great point to add to your resume or portfolio. You’ll gain a reputation as an industry leader, and will be able to engage with a larger audience that will look to you for your opinions and advice. It’s much easier to sell to people that know you and your glowing reputation.

Consider entering the Waverley Council Business Awards

Convinced that your business can definitely benefit from an award? Why not add the title of “Brightest and Best” to your business and enter the Waverley Council Business Awards? Waverley Council has been running these awards for the last 12 years, and recognises the importance of a sustainable business community that is vibrant, robust and supports the creation of jobs and business opportunities.

Council will host a gala night on Monday 13 November at the East Leagues Club where the finalists are celebrated and winners are announced.

Entries must be submitted by the 16 August. For more information click here.

We’re really pleased to be supporting the Waverley City Council Best & Brightest Awards, and we wish each entrant the best of luck.