In 2020, the transformation of Parramatta continues with Church Street between Market and Macquarie Streets closed permanently to traffic, including the ‘Eat Street’ dining strip. The closure will allow Parramatta Light Rail work to begin.

There are several proactive steps that business owners can take to ensure their customers are aware of access and parking changes, and to help promote goodwill and retain loyalty.
Realise Business Advisor Sara Berry has put together some great ideas that have been hitting the mark for Parramatta businesses. Her top tips include:

  • If your business has parking, make sure that it has been clearly signposted that is it owned by ‘your’ business. Produce a new sign with your business name and branding to help customers quickly find and confirm that the parking space belongs to your business.
  • Ensure that parking spaces are allocated to customers rather than to you or your employees while construction gets underway.
  • Put together a short message to communicate changes to parking and traffic conditions then place it on your Facebook page, website or in any customer communications. Also give details to staff and instruct them to share the information with customers.
  • Get to know parking options that are available in the vicinity of your business. Share handy information about parking times, duration, fees and availability. The City of Parramatta offers useful information about parking and transport here, or try the City of Parramatta’s Parking finder.
  • If you have customer contact details in the form of an email database or listing, use these to set up an email campaign using Mailchimp or a similar platform. Letting your customers know via email about parking changes and options is also a great way to stay in touch.
  • Speak to your landlord about renting a parking space in your building. Kathryn Blizard from Realise Business can help you develop the right approach.

Sara Berry has been working with Michael from Michaels Hair and Beauty, located on Church Street, Parramatta, on strategies to let his customers know about parking and traffic changes.  One example is a recent post to the salon’s Facebook page informing customers about the Fennell Street Car Park closure and reminding them there is still plenty of street parking around the salon.

Get in touch with Sara to help you develop messaging and set up or add information like this to your digital platforms.

Customers will appreciate your efforts to keep them informed, and in turn this will build rapport and loyalty.

Remember that change can bring added opportunities to build and grow your customer base. Take up the chance to show the people who visit your establishment or engage your services how much you appreciate them by keeping them informed and up-to-date and you will reap the rewards.

Most importantly, don’t go it alone, our team is here to help you so reach out and book a free business advisory session with one of our experts – Sara Berry, Katherine Blizard and Viktoria Darabi.