Did you know that 70% of workers on construction sites near Parramatta’s Eat Street don’t pack their own lunch and aren’t that keen on instant coffee?

There’s plenty happening in the local area and Realise Business Advisors have been hitting the pavement to get the lowdown on how, when, where and what construction crews and corporates like to eat.

Our Construction Crews and Corporate Catering tip sheet for food and beverage businesses is jam packed full of useful information that will help you develop strategies to reach this new and growing group of hungry people.

Some key highlights include:

  • Construction workers tend to walk off site for smoko and lunch, as they like to have a break away from the premises
  • Lunch is usually for 30 to 45 minutes so fast service is a must
  • When designing a menu for construction crews, make food that is Fast (to cater for short lunch breaks), Filling, Flavourful and Fits in the Hand. Popular foods include pies, sausage rolls, burgers, substantial muffins, steak sandwiches, Donner Kebab, Gyros and more
  • Consider a Tradies Lunch special
  • You may be able to get permission to post information about your restaurant/lunch special in the building site lunch room.

When developing corporate catering offerings consider:

  • Parramatta has the lowest vacancy rate of any office market in Australia, so the future looks bright in this space.
  • Sandwiches and fruit work well for business boardroom meetings, but also consider catering to a wide variety of tastes with new and different cuisines. An emphasis on healthy choices should be considered.
  • Corporate catering is also marketing gold for luring into your restaurant those who have been impressed by your office catering
  • Read the case study about Thai La Ong and find out how this Eat Street restaurant put in place successful corporate catering plans.

The influx of construction and office workers coming to Parramatta’s CBD over the next few years will not only change the face of the city, it will also present a huge opportunity for local food and beverage businesses. Get in touch with Viktoria Darabi, Sara Berry or Katherine Blizard from the Realise Business team today, they’ll be happy to help you take advantage of the opportunities highlighted in the very well researched tip sheet.