Many venues put effort into marketing their game-goers special offer through their own marketing channels including websites, Facebook and Instagram. The Do Something on Eat Street Parramatta decals were displayed at their entrances and printed restaurant guides were handed out at Parramatta Station and near the Stadium on game days. Press ads ran in a variety of local newspapers and the website was launched and promoted across these platforms.

Most businesses experienced noticeable and pleasing increases in foot traffic and diner numbers on and around game days and times as compared to non-game days.

Businesses observed different game-goer dining behavior around different game start times. The game on the 22nd April was at 4pm and those venues on and close to Eat Street noticed that there were more people out and about before the game, keeping in mind it was also an Easter public holiday.

On Saturday the 27th April the game started at 7:40pm and some venues were busy the whole day until game time or increases were observed a couple of hours before and after the game. Some noticed an increase for post-game late night burgers and some an increase in online delivery orders, presumably for those who were watching the game at home.

– This article was written by Viktoria Darabi. To know more about Viktoria Darabi click here.