Given that many of your important business documents and information will likely be stored on a computer hard drive, it’s imperative to ensure these files are secure. With computer malware, viruses, hacks and breaches becoming more common by the day, the peace of mind that a good security and backup tool brings is unrivalled.

Being such a wide-ranging market, finding a high quality security software program can often be a challenge. We’ve taken the liberty of whittling down the list and producing our top five ranked security and backup tool systems.


Norton is one of the most well-known security software brands, and for good reason. Put simply, Norton’s ability to detect and remove viruses from your computer seamlessly is the best in the market. The added fact that it’s able to attack and nullify dangers without slowing down your computer in the slightest is a huge advantage.

While some criticise Norton for often flagging legitimate sites as internet threats, it’s a very small issue that can be easily solved at the click of a button; a tiny annoyance in exchange for near impenetrable security.

For Norton’s Premium individual package, you’ll find yourself paying $69.99 for the first year and $79.99 from there on wards. If you want to shore up more than one computer or tablet, Norton’s Premium multi-device bundle will suit best, selling for a discounted $84.99 the first year and $139.99 after that.


Bitdefender is by far the most user friendly security tool. But while it might be easy to install and navigate for the user, don’t mistake its simplicity for a lower standard of performance: Bitdefender is able to snuff out and obliterate malware with precision.

For Windows 10 users, Bitdefender is the most compatible software for your system. It includes ransomware protection, contains more tools and features in its basic package than most of its competitors, and includes a 24/7 customer support service.

For a one year instalment of Bitdefender’s Total Security solution you’ll be set back just $55, with $55 currently knocked off the original price.


Trend Micro

Trend Micro is able to use web-reputation technology to scan for threats in real time, nullifying malware as you surf the internet. You can also choose to perform manual and custom scans.

The software uses a very similar process to that of an email scanning tool that validates IP addresses and databases. This helps block phishing schemes that can lead you into giving up valuable information.

Trend Micro also does a better job of identifying the difference between legitimate and non-legitimate files than the others on this list. It’s compatible across all systems, lending itself best to Windows 10 but also doing a very solid job on older versions. A program specifically designed for Mac is separately available.

Trend Micro’s premium security software retails for $131.95, and the aforementioned maximum safety Mac-tailored service goes for $79.95.



F-Secure starts defending your system from the word go. As you’re installing the main software, a pre-installation scan removes infections from your computer, giving you a clean slate to start with F-Secure on.

A sleek interface makes for simplicity and usability, with easily adjustable settings and scan scheduling.  Including a protection network, quarantine centre (where files that F-Secure is unsure of containing malware are placed for your viewing and approval), and automatic updates, F-Secure is a solid security tool that won’t let you down.

Its biggest shortcoming is that it doesn’t automatically scan USB files. However, if there is anything malicious downloaded onto the computer through a USB, F-Secure’s other technologies are able to block and defuse any threats before they can embed themselves in your system with a 99% success rate.

F-Secure’s total security and privacy package runs for $99.95, while its most basic protection goes for $49.95.



McAfee’s biggest pull is that its premium service comes with near-unlimited licenses, allowing you to protect all your devices including tablets, phones, PCs and laptops all with one download.

Convenience is prioritised with McAfee. It is very easy to install and use, with many features automatically enabled for your benefit, and customisation features clearly labelled. A tour of the program is also offered upon download.

While it’s appealing for the above reasons, McAfee’s threat identification processes don’t stack up to its predecessors on this list: research has shown that McAfee is prone to missing some malware and viruses.

However, the program still comfortably performs better than any standard pre-downloaded security tools such as Microsoft Windows Defender. For bigger businesses that might be more prone to security threats then McAfee is probably not your best option, but for those who are just starting out and want an affordable, above-average and simplistic service, then this is tailored to you.

McAfee’s premium service costs $79.95, and a standard offering is priced at $53.95.