Sam Tech, owner of Ya-Malaysia is a young man on a mission. With existing Parramatta and Rhodes restaurants, plus a Chatswood venue to open in April, he was seeking advice on a variety of issues. He is refining his food offer and systems for Ya-Malaysia with a view to franchising in the future.

Viktoria Darabi one of the Realise Business Advisors has worked through a Business Journey Model, a Marketing Capabilities Assessment, Food and Beverage Customer Expectations and a Marketing Strategic Plan with Sam. She was also able to put Sam in touch with a Franchise Advisor to help avoid pitfalls in this space.

Viktoria said, “In helping Sam with his Strategic Marketing Plan, we undertook a location-specific Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT) Analysis on his business; then a competitor analysis and then another SWOT analysis based on what he has learned from analysing his competitors. This process is essential to crystalising a Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Everything a venue does should connect back to its USP and is the road map for consistently delivering on your brand promise.”

“Viktoria has advised me on fit-out, menu design, diner personas, social media content schedules and put me in touch with a reliable Franchise advisor. She has also provided useful insights on commericalising Ya-Malaysia’s unique house-made sauces.  She is one of the best in the field and has been particularly helpful in advising on marketing strategy and implementation of that strategy,” said Sam.

Together, Sam and Viktoria discussed how to make the best of the Bank West Stadium Activation. “The Bank West Stadium activation is a great free opportunity for me to get the Ya-Malaysia story out in Parramatta between April and July. Viktoria has reminded me how important it is to maximise this opportunity by supplying great venue descriptive words and photos and a specific game day promotional offer,” said Sam.

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