As March 2020 or Q3 nears to a close, it’s safe to say that Small Business in Australia has been presented with more challenges than usual in the current financial year. From drought, to fires and floods, we’ve faced our fair share of obstacles. Right now, we’re on top of a new and even more unusual hurdle – Covid-19 and the ongoing threat of a global pandemic.

In times such as these we all react differently. My immediate response is to never panic, I try to analyse most situations before feeding into any mass hysteria, as we’ve witnessed in Australia recently. But what I love about our country is the diversity and complexity of our people, and with our different natures, cultures and life situations, the current coronavirus outbreak creates different challenges and reactions for all of us. Certainly for those of us trying to run a business, if you or your team become ill, combine that with the uncertainty of how our customers will respond during this time, it may cause the demand for your goods and services or your usual revenue to change drastically.

As a business coach, disruption is one of the biggest issues I face with clients. It’s almost always an unforeseen obstacle or change that creates the greatest impact to a business’s bottom line. What I try to say to all clients is – do your best to be ahead of any disruption. If you have everything in your business in control, or as much as possible, when you’re presented with things that are out of your control it’s easier to adapt. It’s easier because everything outside of that new obstacle is still reasonably in order and controllable.

The Government have already taken action to develop a stimulus package for business, and various local communities and councils in NSW are working to keep their commercial centres active and operational. On top of that, there’s a few things you can do now for your business to keep your clients engaged. Things such as staying connected on social media and email, sharing how your business is combatting the virus locally, finding other ways to deliver your goods and services – perhaps by using digital technology, and collaborate with other local businesses to drive foot traffic and engagement in your area.

And don’t forget to keep yourself healthy and support your team in remaining well too.

To help businesses during this time, I’m hosting a free webinar to dig down into the issues we face and to support the Australian Small Business Economy. My team and I have helped thousands of businesses to move through disruption and I’m only too happy to share some of our best tips and advice with all small business owners to help you remain sustainable, resilient and/or to recover through this time of uncertainty.

You can register for my webinar, which will be recorded LIVE on 27th March 2019, here.

You can learn more about what the Government have on offer for you here.

The NSW Small Business Commissioner has provided a coronavirus-related resource page here

Or you can head to our website and review our free resources or perhaps book in to see a business coach or advisor for further support and guidance.