Martin Rogers - CEO Realise Business

Martin has an extensive background and certification in Business, Marketing, and Strategy with over 20 years’ experience specialising in Strategic Thinking, Business Growth, Leadership and Team Development, across a number of industries.

Martin utilises a collaborative leadership style and has a thirst for problem solving, understanding the latest trends and identifying the uniqueness that gives businesses their edge. In a world that is a rapidly changing landscape, Martin’s focus is to work closely with businesses, so they can adapt to and take advantage of the changing environment, to keep them competitive and financially profitable.

Arielle’s qualifications

  • Bachelor of Arts: Communications, Media & Drama

Areas of expertise

  • B2B & B2C Event Production
  • Event Hosting & Public Speaking
  • Event Marketing & Copywriting
  • Communications & Storytelling
  • Corporate Training
  • Website &Database Management
  • Project & Talent Management
  • Lead Generation, Pitching & Client Aquisition
  • Corporate & Consumer Communications
  • PR & Media Relations
  • Sponsorship Acquisition
  • Customer Service & Client Retention Strategy
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