Business Success Stories: Curvwood

Curvwood is an environmentally sustainable business that primarily produces glue laminated beams from timber.

Realise Business has worked with Curvwood for six years, supporting them through several iterations of their business to where they are now – a large factory in Revesby (Sydney) NSW, with specialised machinery valued at $2.3 million. Curvwood are currently launching their new brand, Masswood, to reflect their new capability.

Co-Founder Eva Dellow says, “Our advisor has been instrumental in helping us achieve our goals and having that person to talk to, to run ideas by or just get advice.”

The Parramatta Light Rail Project

In 2018, Transport for NSW entrusted Realise Business with a pivotal task – to provide 100% subsidised business support services to the businesses affected by the construction of the Parramatta Light Rail.

We’ve worked side by side with these businesses, helping them not only navigate the challenges posed by the changing landscape but also empowering them to embrace new opportunities and unlock their true potential. We are beyond proud to announce that over 200 businesses have successfully partnered with Realise Business during this transformative period.

Klassik Hair

Revitalising popular local hair salon Klassik Hair, through marketing and business advice. Business owner Alain El-Khoury, is happy with the results.

The Realise Business team reviewed the marketing of Klassik Hair, which is located in Station Road Dundas. The team also developed a new website for them, enhanced their social media content, and advised on some general business issues.

Alain rates highly “the caring and high-quality professional work” which the Realise Business team have provided. “This is a lot more than I was expecting,” says Alain. “I do appreciate it a lot.”

Jackson’s Cafe

Realise Business Advisors worked with Paul to create the website to display their menu options and worked on promoting to the local area through social media.

After working with Realise Business, Jackson’s Café now ranking on Google maps for ‘Coffee North Parramatta.’

Owner Paul Stephens says, “The time I have spent with the Realise Business team has proven to be invaluable. What has appealed to me the most was the unbelievable time and effort they have put into our business.”

Ria Restaurant

This family-owned restaurant serving true Indonesian food across Australia for decades is one of the businesses helped by Realise Business during the Parramatta Light Rail construction.

The Realise Business Team advised them on targeted marketing campaigns, high-yielding social media strategies and effective branding.

The Edge

The Edge founder Rab Mehajer was really excited working with Realise Business. From then, the Realise Business team worked closely with Rab to help improve their business during the Parramatta Light Rail construction.