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Business Success Stories: Daline Nails

Daline Paulo is the founder and owner of Daline Nails the creator of the “Magic Pen”, an at home (or anywhere) nail treatment for damaged nails and cuticles.

Daline developed the Magic Pen, after herself suffering from dermitis and other skin conditions. Daline had previously run her own nail salon in DeeWhy and closed this business to focus on the Magic Pen.

Today, the Magic Pen is stocked in some Priceline pharmacies in Sydney and is also now stocked in Melbourne Priceline. It is one of their Top 10 selling products for nail treatment.

Realise Business has worked with Daline through the different stages of her business and continues to work with her on her business journey.

Nomad Chocolate

Nomad Chocolate manufactures chocolate products (mainly drinking chocolate) of different flavours, using natural ingredients. They sell throughout Australia and export internationally and are based in Kirrawee, Sydney. Founder and owner, Nadja Malovic was inspired to create Nomad Chocolate after travelling to South America and Machu Picchu. On a small coffee farm in Quillabamba in the Cusco Region she was offered a hot chocolate. It was different to anything she had ever tasted. Originally from Bosnia, after fleeing the war and becoming a refugee, Nadja was offered permanent residence in Australia in 1996.

Nomad Chocolate was founded seven years ago and Nadja began working with a Realise Business advisor five years ago. Nadja learnt about the power of e-mail and marketing, how to navigate social media and advertise without spending huge amounts of money, while still reaching the right audience. This and other knowledge, provided Nomad Chocolate with the right platform to upscale the business. Online sales now account for 30% of revenue. Nadja credits this is a result of the guidance, knowledge and strategies provided by Realise Business.

Creative Sounds Studios and School

Creative Sounds Studios and School provides music lessons, programs, recording studios and other musical opportunities people of all ages. All performers are involved in gig production processes, and with opportunities to play in bands and share their creativity at community events such as local markets, council festivals and school fetes. The school is owned and operated by professional musicians, Jon Chosid and Jeremy Goldfinch for whom playing and teaching music is a passion.

Working with Realise Business completely revolutionalised their business. They reached new clients through improvements to their website, Google ads and social media – so much so, they needed to “turn off” the technology, as they had too many clients.

Velox Tennis

Velox Tennis is a tennis school which delivers programs for all ages and levels. It is located in Illawong in the Sutherland Shire of Sydney. Founded in 2014, Ryan Hanrahan is the owner of Velox Tennis.

Ryan initially contacted Realise Business for financial guidance for the business, so he could focus more on delivering programs for his clients. Realise Business provided Ryan with easy to follow advice he could put into practice.

He credits this advice and support with helping him turn around the business pretty quickly. Realise Business helped Velox Tennis achieve in a short time what Ryan believes would have taken him five years.

Art Travel Adventures

Art Travel Adventures provides bespoke art workshops, art expeditions and cultural experiences to remote and interesting locations in Australia and internationally. Workshops are led by an established artist. The business was founded and is owned by Kerri Ainsworth, a Production Designer and Creative Director with over 25 years’ experience working in film, television and the events industries. Art Travel Adventures combines Kerri’s passions of art, travel and adventure.

Realise Business guided Art Travel Adventures (ATA) from initial concept to establishment of the business. ATA has been operating for six years, their workshops are in demand and sell out quickly, with many returning clients. They deliver more than 12 national and international workshops annually. In 2020, Realise Business Advisor, Amanda Warrington was awarded the “NSW Government – Small Business Award, Advisor – Growth”, for her work with Art Travel Adventures.

International Boutique Riding School

International Boutique Riding School provides classical horse riding lessons for all ages and levels. Shine Bright (Equine Human Services), provides therapeutic riding services and is an NDIS provider.

Located in Arcadia (Sydney), Anne-Katrin Liebe is the business founder and owner. She emigrated to Australia from Germany in 2009.

Realise Business worked with Anne-Katrin on both businesses, and helped her establish Shine Bright to become an NDIS provider.

Amigo & Amigo

Simone Chua, an Industrial Designer, is the Founder and Director of Amigo and Amigo, a business that designs and manufactures large scale interactive light sculptures.

Initially exhibiting at Vivid Sydney, Amigo and Amigo’s work is now part of international festivals and events across Asia, Europe, South America and the Middle East. They collaborate with some of Australia’s leading creatives.

Realise Business guided Amigo and Amigo from the initial stages of setting up the business, through to identifying additional income streams and assisting them in articulating their unique business offering, in this new and emerging industry sector.


Curvwood is an environmentally sustainable business that primarily produces glue laminated beams from timber.

Realise Business has worked with Curvwood for six years, supporting them through several iterations of their business to where they are now – a large factory in Revesby (Sydney) NSW, with specialised machinery valued at $2.3 million. Curvwood are currently launching their new brand, Masswood, to reflect their new capability.

Co-Founder Eva Dellow says, “Our advisor has been instrumental in helping us achieve our goals and having that person to talk to, to run ideas by or just get advice.”

Klassik Hair

Revitalising popular local hair salon Klassik Hair, through marketing and business advice. Business owner Alain El-Khoury, is happy with the results.

The Realise Business team reviewed the marketing of Klassik Hair, which is located in Station Road Dundas. The team also developed a new website for them, enhanced their social media content, and advised on some general business issues.

Alain rates highly “the caring and high-quality professional work” which the Realise Business team have provided. “This is a lot more than I was expecting,” says Alain. “I do appreciate it a lot.”

Jackson’s Cafe

Realise Business Advisors worked with Paul to create the website to display their menu options and worked on promoting to the local area through social media.

After working with Realise Business, Jackson’s Café now ranking on Google maps for ‘Coffee North Parramatta.’

Owner Paul Stephens says, “The time I have spent with the Realise Business team has proven to be invaluable. What has appealed to me the most was the unbelievable time and effort they have put into our business.”

Ria Restaurant

This family-owned restaurant serving true Indonesian food across Australia for decades is one of the businesses helped by Realise Business during the Parramatta Light Rail construction.

The Realise Business Team advised them on targeted marketing campaigns, high-yielding social media strategies and effective branding.

The Edge

The Edge founder Rab Mehajer was really excited working with Realise Business. From then, the Realise Business team worked closely with Rab to help improve their business during the Parramatta Light Rail construction.

The Parramatta Light Rail Project

In 2018, Transport for NSW entrusted Realise Business with a pivotal task – to provide 100% subsidised business support services to the businesses affected by the construction of the Parramatta Light Rail.

We’ve worked side by side with these businesses, helping them not only navigate the challenges posed by the changing landscape but also empowering them to embrace new opportunities and unlock their true potential. We are beyond proud to announce that over 200 businesses have successfully partnered with Realise Business during this transformative period.

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Chris is a results-driven leader with a wealth of knowledge derived from his more than two decades in the NGO, corporate and government sectors. As a current business owner, from his prior work as a growth-minded CEO and a background working with disability organisations, Chris is deeply passionate about the NDIS, small business community and the central role they play in the fabric of our society.

Lindsay Munns

As a long term member of the Realise Business Board, Lindsay has temporarily stepped into this key role to facilitate the changeover of Chief Executive as part of our CEO succession strategy. Additionally he is busy leading the roll out of a major new Government contract that will take Realise Business up to the next level of its vital place in the NSW Small Business Advisory scene.

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Office / Client Coordinator
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Over the past 12 years, Mona has honed her skills in customer service, specializing in managing and addressing a wide range of customer needs. She’s dedicated to providing exceptional service and ensuring customer satisfaction. Her experiences have helped her develop skills that assist organizations in achieving their goals. Her ultimate aim is to help them focus on what they love, and she will take care of the rest!