April 21, 2021

12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

Free Webinar

Finding and securing suitable premises, on the best terms, can make a big difference to the success of a business. 

A commercial lease is a long-term legal commitment and a fixed business cost. With lease and rental costs forming a large part of working overheads, it is critical to enter into a rental agreement that is right for your business model.

Meeting the terms of a commercial lease is part of everyday business practice and the terms will need to be met regardless of customer behaviour changes, competition, disruption, or staffing issues.

Securing the right lease can be vital to business profitability and it is also usually central to the goodwill, value, and future sale of the business.  

The best way to achieve a good outcome when negotiating, renegotiating, or raising issues with a commercial lease is to be prepared and armed with the right information.

This April, join our 1-hour special webinar focusing on commercial leasing. Our panel will provide you with easy-to-understand advice, tips and insights.

Our live panel discussion features some great speakers with commercial leasing expertise, including Jaymie Rowland from Franklin Shanks, Michael Miller, Director Mediation Services, NSW Small Business Commission and Tim Noye, Hospitality Business Advisor, Realise Business.

Sponsored by Transport for NSW, this one-hour webinar will help you understand commercial leasing and the available support. Hear from:

Jaymie Rowland from Franklin Shanks who will provide best practice tips, including advice about managing the landlord/agent relationship to avoid conflict.

Following Jaymie, Michael Miller, Director of Mediation Services at the NSW Small Business Commission, will advise the helpful resources available to you through their office.

Tim Noye, Hospitality Business Advisor, Realise Business will also join the panel to discuss the concept of floor to sales ratio and how this can affect the working parts of your business.

This free webinar is suitable for all small business owners in Parramatta who want to be informed about commercial leasing. A Q&A session will also provide the opportunity to ask questions to the expert panel.

Our Panel

With over 20 years’ experience managing Australian retail businesses, Jaymie understands the importance of leasing from a business owners’ perspective. As Head of Retail at Franklin Shanks she supports clients across a range of customer focused businesses, aligning their property needs with their commercial strategy. 

Michael Miller, Director Mediation Services, joined the mediation unit as a case manager in 2004. Michael has lead projects to deliver civil dispute resolution services to the commercial sector across regional NSW, and has a Master of Laws in Commercial Litigation.

Our F&B expert Tim Noye has worked his way from the ground up and has over 23 years diverse industry knowledge.
He can help you with general costings and budgeting, improving efficiencies, menu design and execution, creating company and team KPI’s, staff retention, driving new business, OH&S, industry expectation and general compliance. Tim is a down to earth advisor committed to helping your hospitality business in any way he can.

Jacqui Attard is a business expert and coach who has devoted her career to helping small businesses grow and prosper. As CEO of Realise Business, Jacqui develops coaching programs and services to help businesses grow and increase their profitability.

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