Managing Director of recruitment agency Nine2Three, Kathryn MacMillan was recently featured on ABC Radio and TV speaking about the increase in part-time employment opportunities. We asked Kathryn for her key tips on building a strong media profile and how to become the ‘go to expert’ for comment.

Technology is changing the way that news rooms operate. Journalists now commonly use Google searches to locate and reach out to ‘industry experts’ for comment on breaking news across a number of channels including print, TV, radio and online.

The change in the news gathering process is definitely a great opportunity for small business owners to build their profile so they become the media ‘go to person’.

There is no better example of someone who has successfully taken advantage of this trend than Nine2Three’s Kathryn MacMillan, who has built a strong profile in the part-time employment space over a number of years. Business Edge recently caught up with Kathryn to find out her tips for creating a strong and credible profile to take advantage of media opportunities. Her tips include:

  • Rather than providing commentary about wider issues become an expert about a niche part of your particular industry. For example, instead of commenting about general human resources issues, Kathryn owns the ‘part-time employment space’.
  • Take the time to review publications and websites that are relevant to your niche and submit articles or blogs sharing information, but remember – no selling.
  • Look for guest speaker opportunities and take advantage of speaking to wider audiences.
  • Universities and colleges will sometimes seek out guest lecturers, so you could approach the head of faculty offering your services and expertise in case an appropriate occasion arises.
  • It’s very important to make your own news. If you have a guest article published, take part in an industry panel or presentation make sure you let people know about it via your channels including your website, social media, email marketing, etc.
  • Build good relationships with journalists and keep them in the loop if you think you have a newsworthy and interesting topic that they may be interested in.
  • Make yourself available to provide comment or to appear on television when it fits in with their schedule because in the 24 hour news cycle things happen quickly and if you aren’t available the media won’t wait around.

In building her successful media profile Kathryn is adamant that her website is the hub where journalists and those looking for guest speakers turn. She ensures that all media appearances are catalogued, up-to-date and available.

The media are very often time poor and if they know you are a credible and reliable source for comment they will always reach out when they need it. Kathryn’s recent media callout for comment about part-time employment started with ABC Radio National, which fed into ABCTV and then SmartCompany.

A quick look at Kathryn’s media page on her website points to consistency, relevance and reliability – the key things that journalists look for when reaching out for comment. Recent trends that show a rise in part-time employment will mean that she will continue to retain this space which is of huge benefit to her personal brand and the reputation of Nine2Three.