Business owner Alain El-Khoury has more than 25 years of hair styling knowledge. Now that hairdressing clients are returning to NSW salons, Alain is preparing to restyle his Klassik Hair Salon business.

The Dundas hairdressing salon has enjoyed loyal customers and convenient premises on Station Road for many years, but Alain has his sights set on future revenue generation. He contacted Realise Business for a free advisory session.

At Realise Business, he consulted a team of expert advisors who covered a range of options for his business refresh. Alain was enthusiastic about exploring different ways to boost customer foot traffic as well as sales. The new strategy focused on subletting options, as well as enhanced digital presence and branding.

Alain comments “I would like to thank Sue & Tim, Business Advisors, for helping my business to grow. I do appreciate it a lot and this is a lot more support than what I was expecting – and guys, you are doing a great job with it!  I’m so grateful that you gave me the opportunity – thanks again.”

Operations ready for new revenue streams

Realise Business advisor Tim Noye came on board at a time when the salon’s traditional business model of three hairdressers had been reduced due to disruptions to the hairdressing industry. Many local businesses have suffered over the last two years, with hairdressing and beauty services hard hit by pandemic lockdowns and downturns.

Alain is now the lead stylist, ably supported by a small team who “love what they do and want every single customer to love what they do too.”

As the premises are large enough, there is good potential for a subletting revenue stream. A plan to utilise the spare room was also driven by a goal to widen the range of services available. Previously the salon had worked with a beauty business. Having the complementary businesses of hair and beauty once more would be mutually beneficial for customer traffic in Dundas.

Tim reviewed the set up and investigated the implications of the salon’s sub-leasing arrangements. He collaborated with the business owner on where to make appropriate improvements and how to manage this new revenue stream in the future.

The first step to establishing the true subletting potential was to examine the current business lease arrangements. The next stage will involve formal paperwork and setting out commitments so that subtenants understand they are being asked to commit to extended periods of time.

Tim points out, “Subletting your business can help you enhance cash flow, but it’s important to think through all of the details to avoid any future misunderstandings. You have a decent chance of having a long and profitable business connection if you grasp the possibilities and parameters of a sublease agreement.”

By nailing down the parameters of the lease restrictions, Alain’s salon can now sublet to provide a complete hair and beauty service with sufficient financial return.

Marketing restyle

The Team at Klassik Hair are passionate about providing a good cut and style. Their reputation is reflected in their Five Star rating on Google My Business.

While the business already had a digital presence, Alain sought a restyle that would make the business brand healthier and look more up to date.

Sue Walsh from Realise Business commenced her advisory with a digital audit of the salon’s marketing. Sue says of the digital audit, “We identified gaps in their SEO to improve search optimisation including suburbs covered, regular social media content, adding reels to Instagram, opening a TikTok account, and adding testimonials and social media links to the website.”

The recommended digital overhaul has made it easier for customers to book through a new online booking portal. As well as developing engaging social media content, Sue and Alain worked on in-store promotional materials for the salon.

In the future, the salon’s website will be strengthened by adding meta tags and plug-ins as well as SEO optimisation, adding additional Parramatta suburbs to the website, social media and blogs.

New outcomes

A potential revenue stream from sub-leasing the premises to a beauty therapist business now looks viable. Realise Business will provide further support by researching suitable sites to advertise this space and also the possibility of sub-leasing hairdressing chairs during quieter periods.

A marketing restyle has meant that the existing website and social media pages are now on their way to being fully optimised. Realise Business has worked with Alain to build his capabilities and strengthen the business’s digital brand and messaging for potential clients that are relevant to the salon.

“It is all about showcasing the exceptional hair treatments and styling to attract new customers in a wider search area and provide excellent services to build loyalty,” says advisor Sue. Alain says, “Thank you for the caring and high-quality professional work – and more to come!”

For free advice on restyling your Parramatta business, contact Realise Business today.

Special offer

All new customers visiting Klassik Hair will receive one of the following for FREE – shampoo, conditioner or treatment – Valid until 30 September 2022